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"These Days" Review 18 May 2000
These Days: the perfect song!

What Wonderful Song!

A review by PIERO (Italy) /

Dear Fans of Bon Jovi, I'm a young loaded gun called Piero and I'm writing from Italy.
I want to talk about my favourite song: THESE DAYS! Do you like it much like me?
It's an incredible song that talks about the condition of 2 persons with their problems, and their idea that sometimes these problems haven't a solution, but however we can try to resolve them, like Jimmy: "His momma said he was crazy-he said momma "I've got to try"/ Don't you know that all my heroes died/ and I guess I'd rather die than fade away": eh?
It's simple: IF YOU WANT YOU CAN! Thanks to Jon and Richie and the rest of the band for this song.
The intro wlth piano is full of emotions, I feel a strange sensation when it starts: is the beginnig of 6 minutes of joy, sadness and all feeling I can feel! Can you find another song like this? I'm ready to talk with all of you that want to talk about this CD and the others ,too!
The only thing I don't understand in this song is when he (Jon) sais: "I know Rome's still burning/ Though the times have changed/ ........": why Rome? Is it the only town whit some problems? And what means that it is burning? Anyone can explain it to me? I wait your answers patiently!
From Italy it's all, to the next, bye!

Rating: 8/10

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