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"It's My Life" Review 18 August 2000
It's Now or Never...Hopefully not...

The Uk no.1 position seems as though it will never unite with BON JOVI

A review by RO'K /

Once again BJ have released a great song, yet it has failed to reach the Number 1 position...A position it deserves more than any other band in existance! Let me explain...

Bon Jovi's first UK single was "Hardest part is the night", That was back in ... 84, 85? Since then many singles have come out of the pipeline in the UK, the biggest hit in the UK for them so far is "Always" Which reached No. 2!

Lets take a look at the construction of the UK top 5 shall we?

No.1- This spot is usually dedicated to Crap like Westlife...Who can sing and dance, but if you handed them a guitar and said 'G' they'd reply- "!"

No. 2- Once! Once Bon Jovi Hit this position! At the time of It's my life S-Club-7 were No.2. S-Club-7!!!

No.3- The spot that It's my life got to, Everywhere else in the world It reached No.1, So why not the UK???

No. 4- This is normally for silly little girl and boy groups...The vast growing millions of them! Why? there Should be a law...If you don't write your own songs then you shouldn't be able to enter the music world anywhere on the planet!

N0.5- Pretty much the same old same old! At one point "Livin' on a prayer Got into this Final 5 spot, But still Didn't reach No.1.

It seems to me that it is only The UK that fills it's chart with stupid talentless peices of Shite...The people who deserve the No. 1 spot like Bon Jovi, Queen(Well not anymore),Red Hot Chilli peppers and Aerosmith...Basically, the ones who write their own songs!!!

Lets all pray that Bon Jovi can have a No. 1 With "Say it isn't so" because that is just a great song...It should reach No.1 by the Music Video alone!

Thanx for reading...If anyone agrees with me on any points...please E-Mail me, I would love to hear from you all!

Bye for now

Ross O'Keefe (RO'K) (Richiewannabe)

Rating: 7/10

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