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"Crush" Review 24 August 2000

Crush is my favourite album since "What's The Story (Morning Glory)" by Oasis, and I think "Crush" might just be a bit better.

A review by Robbie-B /

As I said, I love this album. Its so good. Great rock songs mixed in with a few slower sentimental songs.

The album starts with the first single from the album, "It's My Life". Probably one of the best songs on the album and the one that made people buy the album even if they weren't already Bon Jovi fans like myself. A truly great song. 9/10

"Say It Isn't So". The lyrics in this song are brilliant. "There's no Santa Claus, It was all a lie, No man in the moon, Just a big light in the sky..." weird, but somehow you understand it. 8/10

"Thank-you For Loving Me", apart from Always, this is my favourite slow song from Bon Jovi. Great lyrics, great tune, great song. Probably make you cry if your down about something. 8.5/10

"Two Story Town", a nice song. Starts quite slow and never really gets going properly. Its good, just not as good as some of the other tracks here. 6/10

"Next 100 Years", now this song is my joint favourite along with "One Wild Night". Its a cool song. One that you can just listen to anytime anyplace. And there's a great guitar solo in the middle. 10/10

"Just Older", good song, not excellent but not poor either. Another song with a nice solo on the guitar, and good lyrics. 7/10

"Mystery Train" when i first heard this i thought it was utte crap. But i listened to it a few times and now i really reallly like it a lot. It sounds a bit like Tom Petty, dunno why I said that but it does. 8/10

"Save The World", MAYBE I CAN SAVE THE WORLD! sure the get people swaying about when played live. 7/10

"Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars" what a cool title for a song. This song is fantastic. Kinda weird, but fantastic. 8/10

"She's A Mystery" not very good I don't think, its slow and a bit boring. But I suppose if you like that sorta thing its good. 4/10

"I Got The Girl" nice catchy song. Good guiar solo and good lyrics. 8/10

"One Wild Night" WOO-HOO, this song is great to have at the end of an album, its loud its upbeat and really makes you feel good about life. 10/10

Overall the album is really good. Apart from one song, which maybe I will like if I listen to it a bit more, is top class. Before "One Wild Night" I wasn't a keen Bon Jovi fan. Now I have nearly all the albums and know nearly all the words to nearly every song. That is the power of Bon Jovi. Now altogether... "IT'S MY LIFE, ITS NOW OR NEVER! AND I AIN'T GONNA LIVE FOREVER! I JUST WANNA LIVE WHILE I'M ALIVE! COS ITS, MY, LIFE!!!!


Rating: 9/10

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