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"New Jersey" Review 29 August 2000
Probably the #1 album by Bon Jovi

A review by Fredrik /

I've written several reviews about Bon Jovi's albums here at, although you could say I've been saving the best for last. This particular album called "New Jersey" was perhaps a controversial album of the band. During the demo sessions of this album they wrote an increnible amount of new songs, and the groups first idea was to make a double album out of it. However, the record company didn't allow that. I've listened to most unreleased demo songs from the sessions of "New Jersey" and I can say that almost everyone of them is as good as any of the songs on the album. Some even better!

After finishing up their 273-date tour of "Slippery" they went directly into the studio to record another album. From the moment the band started writing until "New Jersey" was finished, it stretched itself no more than ten months of work. To me, that is somewhat spectacular. To write and record one of the best rock albums of all time just like that. No one does it like Bon Jovi.. =)

Lay Your Hands On Me - 9.5/10:
What an opener! The drums and the hard-rock nature at the beginning of the track sets an excellent mood. It sort of sets a standard of what you are to expect from the rest of the album, and they didn't fail on that account! Side note, this song is soo cool live!

Bad Medicine, 10/10:
Not many songs I've heard begin with playing the chorus, but in this song just that is done. A really true-to-the guitar and the powerful vocals of Jon makes for one of their best songs ever. I especially love the build-up to the chorus in this song..

Born To Be My Baby, 9.5/10:
A really great 80's rock song! Classic stuff performed perfect by everyone in the band..

Living In Sin, AMAZING!!!!/10:
This song is, for me, rated as the #1 song EVER by Bon Jovi. I don't think that any song ever can top it. I just love the heartful vocals, the amazing guitars, the wonderful keyboards and the so excellent drum progressions that Tico plays. The story tells of a teenage girl and guy who falls in love with each other. She lives in a very strict and Christian family while the guy is more of the opposite. He lives day by day and the only thing he knows for sure is how much he loves this girl. She svears her innocence and purity to God in front of her family, although she knows all to well that she isn't speaking out the truth. Her father more or less hates her boyfriend, because he knows that his daughter might by tempted to explore what he considers to be a "sinful living". What he doesn't know is that his daughter is already doing all those things.. They decide to run away together so that she can get away from her controlling and very strict parents. However, they find her and forces her to come to back with them and leave her boyfriend for all time to come..
This is for me such a heartbreaking story that it almost brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I've been to two Bon Jovi shows in my life but I still haven't heard it live, not even a live recording of it.
When talking about Bon Jovi I can honestly say that if I were to hear this song live I would treasure that memory until I'm lying six feet under... So Jon, please play this song next time you're in Sweden, ok? ;)

Blood On Blood, 10/10:
A great rock song that tells the story of how Jon decided to become a rock n' roll star (thank god for that!) and how his other friends Danny and Bobby joined the military instead. This song has very variated parts that results in that you can hear it over and over again and never grow tired of it. My favourite has got to be the mellow one where he sings "Me, I'm still a singer in a long hair rock n' roll band.." :)

Homebound Train, 8/10:
Pretty cool song take-off with the train effects, and although the song is a pretty good rock track it's just full power all through. This song was probably one of the first ones I grew most tired off, but still take my word for it. The song is very good, just not as good as some other tracks on the album..

Wild Is The Wind, 9/10:
Here we return a little to the style that is remiscient to the "Slippery" album. The acoustic entry and verses turn into a powerful rock song. Very good, although it's not in the same league as the #1 hit "Wanted Dead Or Alive" from "Slippery When Wet"..

Ride Cowboy Ride, 9.5/10:
Is this cool or what! This song was recorded out in the woods around a campfire where they were sitting around just jammin' for fun, and not completely sober either..! Excellent piece of work!!

Stick To Your Guns, 8.5/10:
This is also what I think you could call "Wanted Dead Or Alive part 2". The lyrics bespeaks of guns, cowboys and those things that were so typical in the song mentioned in the last sentence. This song however lacks what I would call a "personality". It just doesn't reach out to people like other songs do. What I like best about this song is the heavy guitars performed by Richie, alias Capt. Kidd of Swing!

I'll Be There For You, 10/10:
I find it hard to believe that this song became more popular than "Living In Sin", but hey, that's just because I love that song so much. Musically it has sort of the same sound as "Living..", but lyrically it's those easy-to-melt words of love. I guess that's one of the reasons this song became more popular. The lyrics of "Living In Sin" isn't something you might grasp right away.. Anyway, 'nuff about that. This IS a great song and one of my favourites on "New Jersey". I find it to have an anthem-alike sound, where I think the vocals of Jon fit in perfectly. It's not hard to understand why a song like this became a hit..

99 In The Shade, 8/10:
Here it's all about party, late nights, love and having fun as a teenager! It even brings back the notoriously now famous couple Tommy and Gina! I just think the band was in a great mood and spirit when writing this song. Compared to the rest of the album this is one of the lesser songs, but in it's own sense it is however very good..

Love For Sale, 9.5/10:
A great way to finish of the at least best rock album of the 80's. A song that doesn't have a mark that says "serious" all over. This is made for fun and it has a just-kick-loose-whatever-we want-feeling! Tico finishes of this song perfectly with his deep, dark voice in a perfect manner... =)

I still think it's hard to say how much I really love this album. I can only say that lie down, turn out the lights and listen to the ballads of this album and see its greatness. Or, listen to the heavier songs and you'll find yourself jumping up and down not being able to stop! It's your choice!!

Rating: 10/10

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