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"These Days" Review 5 September 2000
Am I The Only One Who Gets This Album Deeply??

This is about the power of these days

A review by David Beebee /

Well, I have only been a BJ fan for 4 years but I have certaintly made up for any lost time. I havev learnt most of the songs on guitar and can do an almost laughable impression of Jon.

I am basically asking you other fans how you feel about These Days. Because to me it is one of the most emotionally powerfull records EVER. I read many reviews of These Days being a "ballads album". But these people must treat the word ballad too broadly. Songs like This aint a love song, yeah I agree its classic BJ ballad, but "SOmething to believe in" is so raw and powerfull it makes me burn inside. It kinda makes you feel like your not the only one thinkin the world is shit.

THese Days was the first BJ album I ever heard, and I agree that it sounds nothing like anything else they have done. BUt to me that is a good thing. I really love their other stuff, but it sounds like 2 different bands to me.

Recently on the Crush tour, they didn't play one single song from these days, but I think that was better for me because those songs are so special I think the performance is best left imagined in my head.

Anyway if anyone else feels that THese Days sounds like a differnt band, is just incredible and that I'm NOT crazy drop me a line.

Rating: 10/10

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