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"Crush" Review 12 September 2000
Experience,man, is the best you can get...

A review by Beauty /

Hi all!!

From the first time I had "Crush" lyrics on my hands (a month before the record was avaible), I knew it was going to be just great... And I wasn't wrong...
I love this album, and in my personal opinion, I think is one of the best on Bon Jovi's career... Why do I think that?? Let me explain it!!

-First of all, "Crush" show us how the band has grown though the years, how do they now understand and feel the music on an undescribable way. Their conecction and knowledge of each others is the product of something that only experience can brings... You can breathe this special atmosphere that doesn't exit on their first albums 'cause it has been grown with the pass of time...
-Second... How had they get adapted to the present... They have always known how to push into their own style the present sounds... And, once again, they have made it... The best example is "It's my life", a great Jovi song for today.Tell me, how many can do that, create a song which impact on all kind of people without lose your own identity mark? I guess only a few...
-And third, but not least... For me, the most important... As I told ya before, the lyrics... I consider myself as a lyrics analyzer, I just love to introduce myself on that sea of words and discover the hidden feelings that a song wants to say... I'll "confess" it, I feel proud of that: I'm in love with Jon's lyrics... I love his style for writing songs. Yeah, is true, love Richie's style too, but Jon's my personal inspiration and master... ( I want to thank from here my dear friend Nuno... Brother, you know what I mean with all this... I know you understand me!! ;)
In "Crush" he has leave, again, his personal mark, giving us a collection of great,powerful and feeling-full songs, just show us that he has improve in his career as songwriter;yes, he has improve a lot. He's not that young boy who talked about his private "Hollywood dreams", he's an almost 40 years old man with a family and new dreams and proyects. If there's something I love from Jon is how he has showed us his own life during these years by a pen...
You can see his own fears, illutions, his happiness,sadness... Songs like "Just older" are more than a good rythm, you know... Or what about "I got the girl"? (Maybe my favourite with "Captain Crash"). This beautiful song talks about something as natural as the fear of a father who see how his "little princess" growns, how this father wonders what is going to happen when she'd leave home for start her own life... Is just an ordinary but beautiful story... For all these ones who haven't wondered this question, do it now!: have you though about all the changes that Jon has passed on his life just for reach the moment of write this song? I hope the asnwer of this question (find it by yourself) can help you to understand better what I'm trying to say!
Other songs that I specially love from the album are "Captain Crash", "Two story town" and "Mystery train".
-I love the first one because everytime I listen to it I feel like I'm dreaming wide-awake... Like Jon " Rich said, everybody can feel identificated to these characters... Yeah, I'm the Beauty Queen from Mars and I feel invencible with the power this fantastic song brings me!! Really great!
-About "Two story town"... When I hear this song I can see the main character (it can be you, me or even the own Jon Bon Jovi!) just taking a round on his hometown wihouth stop asking himself all kind of questions... If the objetive of a song is transmite to another person what you want, I think is one is perfect...
-And "Mystery train"... Jon has always been influencied by his musician idols like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and a long list... In my opinion, this is the begginig on Jon's contributions on classic rock sounds. A middle country-classic sound theme, marvellous...

I guess is time of finish. A summary: I believe in this boys. I saw them live last August in Wembley Stadium and I know they have a long road to walk in, but they had made the most difficult... And I'm sure they'll be one of the best rock story bands. Also want to say that I'm sure Jon will keep on improve as artist, I trust in him, and I hope to find myself in a couple of years just following his trayectory as a little genius and better human being.

Keep the faith everybody, and never stop chasing dreams.

Rating: 9/10

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