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"On A Full Moon" Review 12 September 2000
David Bryan, a great musician

A review by Beauty /

I was a little bit surprised when I didn't find any review about this fantastic album on the page!! So I decided to write one inmediatly!!!!

Bon Jovi is a great band where all its members have a special function. We all talk about how importants are Jon and Richie on the group, how important is Tico just giving the bit as only he knows, but... Does anybody talks about Dave's work??

David, as the only member who is really musician (remember that he is the only one who has studied music), has a very important place on the band. He is the one who puts the final harmony on every song of the band,even on his collaborations with Jon and Rich on their solo proyects... One clear fact of this is that Jon usually ask him for get the perfect sound on his songs... "Always" is a good example!!

So... I guess "On a full moon" was Dave's biggest oportunity to show the world his own talent... Sadly, not so much people is able to check it, but the ones who had made it are so proud of it...

I had his album only a year ago, 'cause is almost impossible to get it here, in my country, Spain. I love this album... It shows a face of Dave that we are not used to see: his sentimental and emotive one.

This record transport you to a world of personal feelings and thoughs, telling us different stories, showing us how far his natural talent can belong to... In this cd you'll be able to discover from beautiful piano pieces to "new age" creations, passing by classic saloon music...

My favourite ones??? I love his special version of "In these arms", which is more passional than in the original version of "Keep the faith", and where we can enjoy of Dave's voice; without being an extraordinary singer, David sings with his soul, transmiting you a special feeling and power... Simply fantastic...

But maybe my favourite pieces are "Lullaby for two moons" and "Kissed by an angel". As you can see only with read its tittle, the first one is dedicated to his two twin sons, and is really beautiful... This one plus "Kissed by an angel" are... In a few words: I'm sure everyone who is a little bit sentimental would cry with this songs... Is difficult to offer as much beauty with only a piano melody...

Others songs I take specially on acount are "It's a long road" , "Hear our prayer" and "Summer of dreams"... But in summary, I recommend this record to everybody, I recommend everyone here to discover the music of this marvellous artist.

David, just genial. Can't wait for your next solo album.

Rating: 10/10

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