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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 1 January 1996

A review by Mark Bousfield, Middlesbrough, England

Wow, this man really knows how to write a song. There is no way that he should take a back seat any longer in the bands own songs as he is just as good as Jon.

The album is in my view a much better composition of music that Jon's Destination attempt, because these songs are from Richies heart and the way he sings them you know he feels them too and that they ain't just there to sell records.

The ballards such as "All that really matters" and "In it for love" take you on an emotional rollercoaster and in my opinion are as powerful as Always and just as beautiful, Then there is the rocky element that Richie provides in all his music albums somewhere, are just as polished and make you wanna pick up a guitar, wish you played it as well as him and rock along to those mighty chords. The highlight is the epic "who I am" which contains Richies longest guitar solo (yeah, longer than Dry County!!!) and could really blow the roof of any venue he chooses to play. Personally my faverioute track is "You're Not Alone" possibly due to the special effects he uses on the microphone and his guitar, possibly the amazingly catchy tune, or the catchyer lyrics, but probably because of all three.

If you liked the bluesy "Stranger In This Town" then "Undiscovered Soul" will catch your soul unawares as a lot of the bluesy appearence of "Stranger" has gone, but in its place is wonderful soul music and you can almost feel it as Richie plays it. This is as good as any Bon Jovi record and certainly better than any of Jons solo attempts, but Jon has the name so this album probably won't sell as well as his did. But it deserves too.

Thanks Richie, you've "Fallen from Graceland"

Mark Bousfield
Middlesbrough, England

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