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"Crush" Review 15 September 2000
A wonderful work from them...!!

Great one of all albums!

A review by Ching /

Hello!! To all fans of them!
I'm one of Bon Jovi's fans just like all you has been 6-7 years i like them and i think i shall like them like this forever. "Crush" is not just normal songs or album....but it tries to tell us something about thier minds and lives! i think Crush is a great album. i have all of thier album i can comfirm that Crush is one of thies great albums. although these songs aren't like the past succesful songs of them..but i think if i just listened to thier same's worthless to buy or listen to thier album 'coz it can reveal us that they can just do the same same's like they don't improve...but they aren't..!! they always make many kinds of songs..which won't make thier fans boring.but happy. i think i'll feel bored if just listening to thier old style. .they worked hard for this album to make thier fans happy. so they pay much attention to make this album. i'm satisfied with this album..
Who also think the same as me..please mail me back at ..Thanks..

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