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"These Days" Review 17 September 2000
"These Days" - instant classic

A review by S.T.

When I first heard "These Days", I thought to myself, what kind of mood was Jon and Richie in? This is a collection of songs that are filled with lyrics of deep emotion, religion, morals, and everything else that must have been happening while they were writing these songs. And it should also be noted too that this was the first album they did without bassist Alec John Such, who I still feel to this day has never gotten the credit that he truly deserves. Anyway, here's my short thoughts of the songs:

"Hey God"- great song. I relate to this song. I think Jon must have been seeing a lot of things happening around him that makes him say "hey God, do you ever think about me?"

"Something For The Pain" my absolute favorite song on this album ! has a great beat through out the entire song. Jon has said this was the hardest song they did and re-wrote it several times. Hey Jon and Richie, it came out great! :)

"This Ain't A Love Song" first ballad off the cd. Absolutly beautiful!!! It's actually a different kind of love song, but when you listen to it, it's not really a love song at all!! You will hear Jon say "If the pain that I'm feeling so strong, is the reason I'm holding on, then I'm wrong, this ain't a love song."

"These Days" great song. A song about the feeling of how the "stars seem out of reach" as sung in the song. A song that is still the feeling for many of us. At least for me, anyway!! :)

"Lie To Me" the second ballad of the album. My second absolute fav off this album !! The song is pretty much like a second story about Tommy and Gina. Just an absolutly great song!

"Damned" a different song. and unexpected! It's about having an affair with a married woman. A very upbeat song and a fun one to really sing along with. Jon also has a great scream at the end of the song!!! :) great track!!

"My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms" third ballad off the album. Great song, great lyrics, I think it's a pretty dark love song , but it's worth putting on repeat!

"(It's Hard) Letting You Go" fourth ballad off the album. Pretty slow song most of the way through it. Beautiful and great to hear live!!!

"Hearts Breaking Even" a broken heart song, and a great song. Kind of a different broken heart song though!

"Something To Belive In" Well, another one that I relate to! I think Jon was really questioning his faith and religion on this song. I wonder if Jon was going through some bitter times that made him write this song. It's a fav of mine and it's a great song too, but it makes me wonder what was happening to him during that year!

"If That's What It Takes" great song! great beat! great lyrics!!! put it on repeat !!!

"Diamond Ring" If there was ever a romantic song of all time, I think this one should be it! Just a great piece of work on Jon and Richie's part. Beautiful guitar all the way through. You don't hear too many songs like this one. I think this song is actually one of it's kind. There is something different about it.

Well, there it is!! Great album, worth buying, an album full of classics!!!

Rating: 10/10

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