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"Crossroad" Review 18 September 2000
How can ya not like this cd? :)

A review by S.T.

Wow, can you believe ten years had already come by when "Crossroad" was released?? I hope that there will mabey be a "Crossroad II" within the next four years or so. Anyway, this is a great collection of songs that will live on forever.

"Livin On A Prayer" 10/10 !!! how can anyone not like this song?? one of their most famous and catchy tunes in the world. I have to hear this song at least once a day. Just a damn brillian song. I wish I would've written it. :) Total Classic!!

" Keep The Faith" 8/10 not one of my favs, but still a good song!! I love the bass part all the way through the song.

"Someday I'll Be Saturday Night" 7/10 might be one of the lowest scores I'll give a BJ song. Sorry guys! I can't listen to this song all the time, even though it does have great lyrics. One I have to be in the mood to listen to!!

"Always" 7/10 I know, another one I have to be in the mood to listen to!! It's a good song, but I can only listen to that one every so often.

"Wanted Dead or Alive" 10/10 one of my all time favs!! another song I wish I would've written. Total Classic. It captures what the rock and roll lifestyle is all about. It's absolutly brilliant. :)

"You Give Love A Bad Name" 10/10 yet again, another all time fav of mine!! Wonderfully written and I love the guitar solo!

"Bed of Roses" 10/10 in two words: beautiful and beautiful

"Prayer 94" 8/10 ok version, but I like the original better

"Blaze Of Glory" 8/10 not a fav of mine, but a good song

"Bad Medicine" 10/10 this one will always be on my fav list. Brings back good memories from this era. Great song!!! Great solo!!!! Just perfect!! :)

"I'll Be There For You" 10/10 perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!

"In and Out of Love" 8/10 not a total fav of mine, but it's still a good song!!

"Runaway" 10/10 great song!!! I love this song, another fav of mine!!!!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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