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"Keep The Faith" Review 18 September 2000

A review by S.T.

The year is 1992. Grunge/Alternative Rock have taken over the world,flannel shirts and the Seattle scene were suddenly everywhere. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam (respectivly) had the world in their hands. For the first time,Bon Jovi had to prove to the world that they are still gonna be around to make music. And they did!!! What a great suprise it was to have a great album released from them!! So, here are my reviews of each song!!! So, here we go:

"I Believe" 8/10 I like this song, starts off kinda weird, but it's catchy after awhile!

"Keep The Faith" 8/10 not my fav song, but it has a great bass line all the way through the song.

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" 10/10 I really like this one! Has a great beat, great lyrics and such a true and valid story to it! "I'll live while I'm alive , I'll sleep when I'm dead" nobody could've said it better!

"In These Arms" 10/10 This one would have to be my absolute fav out of the entire album. I just love this song, I have to listen to it at least four times when I have this cd on. Just a wonderful , well written song!!! Jon and Richie, this so is just too brilliant. I wish I would've written it.

"Bed of Roses" 10/10 If there was ever a song about needing to be with someone so far away from you, this is it. Just an absolutly great,sweet song.

"If I Was Your Mother" 10/10 I really,really like this one. Just a great heavy song,with heavy bass and electric guitar,and with twisted lyrics. I just have to crank this one up when I have it on!!

"Dry County" 9/10 I like this song a lot, I love the bass and I think Richie's solo is one of the best I've heard, ( I love all his solos) but I give it a 9 only because it's just too long. I don't like it when songs are 10 minutes long. It's just too much for me. But it has great lyrics and a great storyline.

"Woman In Love" 7/10 not the best song and not my fav song, but it's ok. It's one I have to want to listen to.

"Fear" 9/10 I like this one. I love the bass part all the way through it. It's a kind of a strange song , though, but it's a good one.

"I Want You" 9/10 good song, good lyrics, I can put it on repeat and listen to it again.

"Blame It On The Love Of Rock and Roll" 10/10 Great song, I really love, and I relate to it!!! "I got my vaccination from a phonograph needle" says Jon. I think that's where I got my vaccinations from too!!! lol

"Little Bit Of Soul" 10/10 I really dig this one!!! It has a groovin' rhythm with the electric and rhythm guitar along with the bass. Good song, I always like to put it on repeat.

Well, there it is, I think it's a great album, and it had no influences from the music that was surrounding that era. Great job guys, you really proved a lot, more than words can say. :)

Rating: 10/10

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