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"Crush" Review 19 September 2000
my second review, and I still think it's brilliant!!!!!

A review by S.T.

OK, I know, you are seeing my reviews everywhere on this page, but I figured, "hey, why not give a second review for "Crush"!! This time, with my thoughts and ratings on each song!

So, here we go ( again ) :)

"It's My Life" 10/10 Great song, great lyrics!! I listen to this one just about everyday! It's powerful and insperational at the same time. And yes, I do agree that it's a lot like "Livin' On A Prayer". But why not? Think of it as an updated version to it for the new generation! :)

"Say It Isn't So" 7/10 not my fav song, but it's ok, Not one that I can listen to all the time.

"Thank You For Loving Me" 8/10 Not bad, it's a typical Bon Jovi ballad! There's nothing like a good ballad from the guys!!

"Two Story Town" 10/10 I really , really like this one!! It's different and it rocks! Another one I wish I would've written!!! Good job, guys!

"Next 100 Years" 10/10 damn, what a great song!!! the guitar is just rockin with the orchestra!! I really love this one!

"Just Older" 10/10 I think this song just says it all!!! I relate to it, as many others do. wonderful lyrics!! very well thought out song. It just fits well on this album!!

"Mystery Train" 5/10 ( yikes) The lowest I score I have given a previous BJ song was a 7, and I thought I wouldn't go any lower, but I had to. I really don't like this one very much. I think the album could've been released without it a replaced with something else. Sorry Richie and Jon!

"Save The World" 10/10 what a great song!! This has to be the only band that can make great ballads!

"Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars" 10/10 It took me a while to understand this song for some reason. And when I did, I just liked it more and more. It's not really like anything they guys have done before. But it's a damn great song!!! Two thumbs up!!

"She's A Mystery" 5/10 man, another one that I think this album could've done without. It just doesn't do it for me. Might grow on me one day, but I don't see that ever really happening.

"I Got The Girl" 7/10. I like this one, it's not that bad. I think it has a great beat and the lyrics aren't too bad...Mabey it could've been replaced by another song.....

"One Wild Night" 10/10 What a rockin song!!! I love this one!! It just has Bon Jovi written all over it. Nobody else could ever remake this and make it sound this good. Too bad the entire album could'nt have sounded like this. Hey guys, great, great song!!!!

Well, there it is, great album, go buy it if you haven't already!!!!

Overall Rating: 10/10

Rating: 10/10

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