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"Bon Jovi" Review 19 September 2000

A review by S.T.

The year was 1984. Ready or not, the world would be exposed to an unknown band,Bon Jovi, and Bon Jovi was ready to take the world by storm!!! Here, in thier debut album, are the works of a great band that the world would soon grow to love....So, here's my reviews for "Bon Jovi" (1984)

"Runaway" 10/10 I love this song!! It has that trademark sound that is so familiar to us. I think this is one of the greatest songs of all time!!!

"Roulette" 7/10 Never was really one of my favs, but it's not that bad. I just have to want to listen to it.

"She Don't Know Me" 10/10 I have to be honest, I have never heard the original version of this song, but I really love this song. Even if I did listen to the original, I would still think this one is better!

"Shot Through The Heart" 10/10 Not to be confused with "You Give Love A Bad Name" from "Slippery When Wet". This one has always been of my all time favs. It's a very unique song that rocks all the way through.

"Love Lies" 10/10 Another one of my all time favs, I love the way it starts off with David Bryan playing the piano. Great song, great lyrics.

"Breakout" 7/10 Have to be in the mood to hear this one. It just seems like a long song to me sometimes. But it does have good lyrics.

"Burning For Love" 9/10 The beginning is pretty heavy and catchy, and it really is a cool song. Not too bad, but not one I have to listen to when I have the cd on , either.

"Come Back" 10/10 I just really love this one!! It does something for me. Great from the start to the finish. Wish I would've wrote this one, too.

"Get Ready" 8/10 Not a total fav of mine,I will listen to it if I feel like it. Pretty cool tune, though.

Well, there it is, great album, I think it captured the year of 1984 and just has a great feeling.

Overall Rating:10/10

Rating: 10/10

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