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"Crush" Review 19 September 2000
Bon Jovi for the next 100 years

A review by Dru /

CRUSH is a great CD- as typical for Bon Jovi. I must tell u that Iīm Fan of Bon Jovi since their concert on August 13th in Ludwigshafen. Two days after the concert I bought CRUSH, because I had to hear something of them. These are my votes:

1.Itīs my LIfe: 10/10, it`s a song, everybody knows. When Iīm mad and I hear it, I suddenly feel better.

2. Say it isn`t so: 10/10, at the moment I hear this song more often than Itīs my life! A number for the REAL Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Thank U for Loving me: 10/10 soooooo great! Itīs the best Ballad on CRUSH!

4.Two story Town: 9/10, It`s a good song, but I don`t like it as much as the others.

5. Next 100 years: 9/10 a cool song! But a bit too slow. Sorry!

6. Just older: 10/10, Brilliant! Really brilliantg! I love the text on this song.

7. Mystery Train: 10/10 great! Everything in this song is perfect!

8. Save the World: 8/10, It`s too slow for me, I`m afraid.

9. Captain Crash:10/10 Whao! When I heard this song on the concert, i went crazy ! Cool!

10. She`s a mystery: 8/10 o.k., but not that good(i think), because it`s too slow an too sad for me.

11. I got the girl: 9/10, O.k. But this old style on this song doesn`t impress me very much.

12. One wild night! 10/10 my absolutely favourite ! I love this song so moch.

13. I Could make a living...: 9/10, itīs o.k, but not as good as One wild Night

O.K., this was my Vote for the Crush aklbum. So: CRUSH gets 10/10 points.

Does a Bon Jovi member visit this site? If, please mail me.


Rating: 10/10

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