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"Stranger In This Town" Review 20 September 2000
Midnight Rider on the loose!

Talent, through and through!

A review by Jean-Paul /

I can remember in the late 80's to mid 1991 waiting on Richie Sambora to finally release a solo album. What would it sound like, Bon Jovi the band with his voice, a guitar masturbation album, or would it be moody and simple? The Answer, a truely fantastic album, astonishing guitar, meaningful lyrics, and a not so surprisingly gifted singing voice. What can I say about this album that we dont already know? Well the true test is that a Bon Jovi fan will probably enjoy anything they do out of loyalty and devotion to their efforts.(Not everyone but we all have done it with certain bands) To make my point please stay with me: I would (and still do) be at a party, at someones house, in my car with friends or around people that I had just met. During the rotation of music I would place my own copy of Stranger in the stereo. The atmosphere of the moment suggested what track I selected : (upbeat) ,River of Love- for that roadhouse bluesy rock and roll effect,(relaxed), Stranger...etc. I have seen non Bon Jovi fans really take to this album (I have witnessed 20 people overtime buy this album whom never would have known it existed if I had'nt introduced them to it) they would ask me constantly who is this jammin on guitar? I would hold out by playing trivia and building on his talent and when the punch line came out "Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi " the reaction sometimes would be "I never would have guessed." I know alot of different individuals who are obssessed with his solo work and who eventually follow Bon Jovi because of Richie being in the band. I also have done that with almost every Jovi album..In my opinion if you have never listened to this album the stand out tracks are (not in order). Stranger in this Town, River of Love, One light Burning, Mr. Bluesman, The Answer, and over time I personally love to listen to Church of Desire in the dark with a candle, playing air guitar(ha ha) it turns into a moody rocker. If you like blues, bar room music, romantic settings, and sexy lyrics well this album is the ONE BABY.........Extremely Underrated!!!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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