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"7800 Fahrenheit" Review 21 September 2000
7800 Degrees of pure rock and roll!!!

A review by S.T.

Well, it's time to relive 1985 with the album " 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit". Ok, so mabey for alot of people out there, this wasn't thier best album,but I have to say, I think it's a great!!!! It's almost like a premonition of "These Days" that would come out exactly 10 years later. Both albums are filled with emotions of love and pain. So, here we go with my review for "7800 Degrees Fahrenheit" (1985).

"In And Out Of Love" 8/10 good song,not one of thier best, but it works!!

"Price of Love" 9/10 I like this one!! It rocks all the way through, and I like the way it starts off with the drums and guitar.

"Silent Night" 10/10 This is one of my all times favs from this album. I just love the way it starts off with the keyboards on strings mode. Such a beautiful song !!! But damn, it's a sad one!!

"King Of The Mountain" 7/10 never was really a fav of mine, but I like the bass line through out the song.

"Only Lonely" 10/10 ( Sorry, I got a little out of order)
Anyway, I love this one!!!! another of my all time favs. A very sad song about love and pain.

"Tokyo Road" 6/10 I have to really be in the right mood to listen to this one. I can't say I like it a lot. Mabey it could've been replaced with something out or just left out. Sorry guys!!

"Hardest Part Is The Night" 10/10 great song!!! I really like this one. Great lyrics.

"Always Run To You" 10/10 another good one . I like to listen to it on repeat.

"To The Fire" 7/10 Never was really a big fav of mine either. I like the bass intro, but that's about it. Catch me at the right time and I might listen to the whole song.

"Secret Dreams" 10/10 Oh, Man!! I just love this one!! I relate to this one ! "All night long, in my secret dreams, you tell me I'm the one...." sings Jon. Just a damn great song!!

Well, there it is!! My review for this album. I don't care what anyone says, this album rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total score for '7800 Degrees Fahrenheit'


Rating: 10/10

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