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"Slippery When Wet" Review 21 September 2000
They "Let It Rock" all the way!!!!!!!

A review by S.T.

Well, here we meet again! Ok, it's 1986 now. The guys have the world in their hands!! This album is full of classics that many of us have grown up with or have just heard for the first time. And if this is your first time listening to these song, keep in mind that these songs will never die in any heart of a true Bon Jovi fan!!! So , if you are a true Bon Jovi fan , new fan or old fan , let's take a trip to the year 1986!

"Let It Rock" 8/10 I love the way the keyboards are just ripping in the beginning!!! David Bryan is truly the world's best keyboard player!!!

"You Give Love A Bad Name" 10+/10 I just truly love this one!!! No words can describe it!! Absolutly brilliant song!

"Livin' On A Prayer" 15/10 I cheated again with the scoring!! I had to!! This is absolutly the best song ever!!! This song will never die!!!!

"Social Disease" 7/10 Not really a big fav of mine, but I listen to the whole song every now and then!

"Wanted Dead or Alive" 15/10 Richie and Jon I thin are the only ones that can write a song like this. If anyone else tries to do it, I will tell you now, it will sound like crap. This song is a legend in itself.

"Raise Your Hands" 7/10 good hard rockin' song!!

"Without Love" 8/10 I like this one alot. Nice sweet song about love!

"Never Say Goodbye" 10/10 This song just sounds soooo good live!! I get emotional every time I listen to it just brings tears to my eyes. Brilliant song. Absolutly brilliant!

"Wild In The Streets" 8/10 here's the guys just having fun and showing how much fun they are having!! Great party song!!

Rating: 10/10

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