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"New Jersey" Review 24 September 2000
The Kings from New Jersey

A review by S.T.

Well, hello there!! So, we meet again!! Here I am doing another reivew. This album holds a lot of special meaning to me because a lot was happening to me during this era. Well, here we go, sit back , relax, and let's remember 1988.

"Lay Your Hands On Me" 10/10 I just love the drums just kicking off the song. Great way to start the album with. This song is just rockin all the way!

"Bad Medicine" 10/10 My fav !!! I just absolutly love this one. Classic!!!

"Born To Be My Baby" 10/10 Good romantic song. The lyrics are just great. Jon has said himself that this is a "Bon Jovi" song. I just love this one. I luv the video for it, too.

"Living In Sin" 10/10 This song has a lot to say!! I remember the controversy for the video!! Just a damn good song.

"Blood On Blood" 9/10 I am giving it a 9 and not 10 because this song is just a little to long for me. I like the storyline that is coming across and I like the song itself, but sometimes this song just seems a little bit too long for me.

"Homebound Train" 10/10 Definitly the hardest song!!! I always listen to this one at least 4 times when I have this cd on. A big fav of mine.

"Wild Is The Wind" 10/10 good song, good lyrics, put it on repeat!!! I luv the way this song begins.

"Ride Cowboy Ride" 10/10 nice short little song!!! but a good one!!!!

"Stick To Your Guns" 10/10 "So you wanna be a cowboy? Well you know it's more than just a ride...." What a great song.I luv the way this song starts of too!!! Brilliant song!!!

"I'll Be There For You" 10/10 I luv it!!! I get emotional when I hear this one live!

"99 In The Shade" 10/10 good rockin song!!! I luv the way this one starts off too!!! Rocks all the way through!

"Love For Sale" 10/10 This song is funny!! I like it because it's simple, and the lyrics are different. Great song!

Well , there it is!! My review for "New Jersey" (1988).
This has to be one of the best ones ever!! If you don't have it, you are missing a big part of your collection.

Rating: 10/10

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