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"Crush" Review 29 September 2000
Simply Crushing

A review by DeviantY2K

Well where do I start to review this album, what can I say that hasn't already been said. This album was one that I had been waiting on for quite a while. I, like the majority of u logged on and watched the net for hours while Bon Jovi were in the studio making this album. I didn't know what to expect but hearing Jon comparing this album to slippery, sort of raised the stakes and made u think wow, is it really that good. When I finally got a copy, I immediatly started playing it and was very eager to hear all the tracks. The answer is yes this album is very good and is Bon Jovi at there very best, songs like It's My Life, Just Older, Captain Crash and One wild Night, make u sit back and go wow, then there are songs like Next 100 years, Thank you for loving me, Two Story Town, Say it isn't so, I got the girl.

I know there are tracks that I missed out from the list but this album just flows from track 1 - 14 (if u have Neurotica) and is just fantastic but the only downside and the only thing that lets the album down is She's a mystery, it's a dull track and slows the tempo of the album down, perhaps Real Life or Stay would have been better choices to make the album. In a nutshell, if u don't own this album then u are missing out on a hell of a lot and this album is the best since Keep the faith and rocks just like Slippery although slippery must have a rating of 10, Crush gets a 9 due to she's a mystery which slows the tempo of upbeat and fun rock songs.

I'm just simply crushed by crush...........

Rating: 9/10

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