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"Keep The Faith" Review 30 September 2000

A review by Joe-dogg /

I forgot how much I loved this album!!

1. I Believe: Just a great rock opener (9/10)

2. Keep The Faith: I simply love this song, from the bass at the beginning to the gutair solo. Great song (10/10)

3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: Another great song I mean listening to the lyrics of this one are truly words to live by. I simply love this one (10/10)

4. In These Arms: I really like this song a lot I used to listen to it more than often when I was just in one of those moods (9/10)

5. Bed Of Roses: Same thing with "in these arms" a great song for the ones who have experienced heartache. I like this one a lot (10/10)

6. If I Was Your Mother: Odd title but I still like it (8/10)

7. Dry County: Very beautiful song!!! A work of art!! (10/10)

8. Woman In Love: I really like this one as well it makes alot of sense. (9/10)

9. Fear: A good little rocker (8/10)

10. I Want You: I could relate to this song a lot. I really liked this one. (9/10)

11. Blame It On The Love Of Rock And Roll: This one reminds me of "sleep when i'm dead" kinda of got that same feeling. I love it!! (10/10)

12. Little Bit Of Soul: Another Great One!! (9/10)

Rating: 10/10

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