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"Crush" Review 30 September 2000
Yes, definitely I like it!

A review by Paul

After listening to "Destination Anywhere" and "Undiscovered Soul" I've got to confess I had thought the guys would never record again. And when I heard about this upcoming album I thought it might would be a horrible album recorded by five old men trying to pretend young, but after listening to songs like "It's My Life","Thank You For Loving Me", "Mistery Train", "Save The World" or "One Wild Night", wow!!, I have to say this is no doubt the best Bon Jovi record I've ever heard(though maybe "Undiscovered Soul" by Richie is better). It's got the perfect combination of ballads and powerful rock songs(I think "These Days" was a "very sweet" album).

-It's My Life: it's a perfect first single. Here in Spain I think it's been the song of the year. It reminds me "Livin' On a Prayer", and I've liked to hear again something like it. Perfect song for concerts. 9/10.
-Say It Isn't So: a good song, but not the best for 2nd single. A catchy song with good lyrics: "Superman don't fly, did it all with strings, Elvis Presley died, they deeply fried the king". It sounds a lot like John Lennon. I like it. 8/10.
-Thank You For Loving Me: this is an incredible song!!. It might be called "Bed Of Roses 2", so what else can I say?. Great lyrics, great voice and great instrumentation. Maybe the best song in the album. Should
be next single. 9.5/10.
-Two Story Town: it's ok. I specially like the way the guitars sound: the piece the rythm guitar plays alone and the solo in the middle, so I like a lot to play this song with my guitar. Anyway, the whole song is not very special. 7.5/10.
-Next 100 Years: the first listening, this song sounded a bit tedious. But as I listened to it many times I realized how well sung it has been, the precise instrumentation it has and, of course, those wonderful solos. I do like that speed change in the middle with the
guitar playing while. It's a great song, very well produced, but maybe too deep to be a single: "Time ain't nothing but time, it's a verse with no rhyme, man it all comes down to you". 9/10.
-Just Older: a good song, but definitely I don't like it too much. It reminds me to "Blood on Blood", among others. Anyway, though I hear it frecuently and like it, I've not been able to understand completely the lyrics and the music is not very good. Not the best. 6.5/10.
-Mistery Train: I think many of you have underestimated this song. Most people who wrote reviews said this song was one of the worse songs of the album, but for me is one of the best. It sounds a bit like the beatles.
The lyrics are great and the acoustic guitar sounds nice. I think they had never recorded any acoustic song like this, so I like it as it's something new by the guys. I think "Mistery Train" should have been the 2nd single. I would give it a 9/10.
-Save The World: another great ballad, with Jon showing his uncredible voice. "Maybe I can't save the world but as long as you believe". I do like it's key changes, but I think it's lyrics are not as good as "Thank You For Loving Me" and the music is a little worse, so I would give
it a 9/10.
-Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars: good song!. It's not a classic, maybe a filler song, but a very good filler song. Good guitars and funny lyrics. 8/10.
-She's a Mistery: the only song I don't like too much. A very strange ballad. I think Jon can write better ballads. Sounds a bit like "Diamond Ring". 5/10.
-I Got The Girl: another filler song, but good too. It has a good solo, good voices... 7.5/10.
-One Wild Night: it's one wild song!. Wild lyrics, wild solos and a wild song to play in concerts, you know, all the people singing Na na na na.... I think it would work perfectly as a single. 8.5/10.
-Bonus Track: maybe this is a James Brown song?. I think so because the words that are said at the beginning: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to talk you about James Brown". Anyway I don't like it too much, and I
think they might have ended the record with a better song, but nevermind.I would give it a 7/10.
This is a great album, but not a perfect album, so I would give it a 9/10.

P.S.: English is not my language, so excuse me if there's any grammatical mistake.

Rating: 9/10

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