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"Keep The Faith" Review 30 September 2000
Gods of Rock

A review by John Thompson /

Keep The Faith, is a proper title for Bon Jovi's 5th album. After a semi-breakup of the band(a 3 year hiatus)...and some management switch arounds...the boys came back with one hell of an album. KTF moves the band from anthem rock to a more mature seen through their lyrics. The album is one of the best albums ever created and maybe Bon Jovi's best, with These Days.

1-I Believe- This song is totally awesome...with all the "whoa" going on, it really gets me pumped. Then the song is really has meaning in many ways. This is a sort of a love/think about life/energized type of song. But heck, isn't every Bon Jovi song like that? 10/10

2-Keep The Faith- My god, this song is really good. The whole part where Jon breaks out with "I've been walking in the footsteps of societies lies..." Man, those lyrics are just stellar. This song is amazing. 10/10

3-Sleep When I'm Dead- I hated this song at first. But once I saw the video to the song. It made me laugh and now I actually listen to this song rather then skipping it. Is it Bon Jovi's best stuff? Not at all...but pretty good. 8/10

4-In These Arms- Yes folks, this is my FAVORITE BON JOVI SONG! Everything about this song is just so kick ass. I can't really put into words how great this song is. 10/10

5-Bed of Roses- This is a great song too. This song really got me into Bon Jovi back in '92. I listened to Bon Jovi's 80's stuff from my brothers...but I was like 7 back then...and when I was 10 or 11 or so...this song just didn't get me to love Bon Jovi but music as well. 10/10

6-If I Was Your Mother- Oh man, I didn't listen to this song too much at first either. But, I gotta say, this song just kicks ass. This song is amazing, just amazing! Especially for those who've had their heartbroked. Great to play loud. 10/10

7-Dry County- What more can be said about this song that hasn't been already? 10/10

8-Woman In Love- This song is good too, but nothing special. One I listen to though. 7/10

9-Fear- Mwahahahaha....this Bon Jovi song rocks. I wish they had more songs like this one. This song has something totally special to it. I don't exactly know what it is though. It just all works so well! Great song could have been longer. 8/10

10-I Want You- WOW! This one is a keep too, one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs. Great love song, puts the love songs by N'Sync and 98 Degrees to shame. 10/10

11 and 12-Little Bit of Soul and Blame it on the Love for Rock and Roll- Did I get those titles right? I really don't know because I can not get through either of these songs without falling asleep. Really, these 2 songs are not my thing. Together they would probably get a 2/20 from me...or 1/10 a piece.

What more can you ask for from KTF? It has the 3/4 best love songs ever(ITA, BOR, IWY). And other songs that are perfect to blast. Man, it's amazing, I tell ya. If I related more to the songs...I'd put it in front of These Days as the best. But These Days I relate to so well...nonetheless, KTF is just like every other Bon Jovi album in that the themes are the same. While the change of pace from anthem rock to a lighter tone was a great decision. Magnificent album! WOW!

Rating: 10/10

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