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"Crossroad" Review 1 October 2000
Crossroads...not the very best of

A review by John Thompson /

Bon Jovi! The greatest band ever! Crossroads, the greatest bands ever best songs? Ha, unfortunately, what Crossroads sets out to do it doesn't accomplish. Some of their best songs are on Crossroads but not all of them.

To save a long review. I'll just review the 3 new songs.

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night- A great song! Really this song sounds like it could be on either Keep The Faith or These Days. Great lyrics, all around a good song...but I don't listen to it too much...I don't even put in my Crossroads album too much...hmm anyways...8/10

Always- WOW! The video is utter trash. Not how I imagined it...and WAY to overdramatic...but it's a GREAT, GREAT song. This song and the 3 big ballads from KTF are probably the 4 best love songs ever. 10/10

Prayer 94'- I think Bon Jovi could play Livin On A Prayer, with a triangle, a tamborine and a fork and it'd still sound damn good. Really, this song is the slower version of LOAP but hey, it still works. The awesome lyrics are still there, and this version has the kick ass backing vocals, that really get to me...Bon Jovi can harmonize! Also, this version makes me really think rather then the original just gets me pumped up. Anyways, this song is a worthy successor! 10/10

Well, this album is a whole would get a 9/10 from me. Songs I don't feel belong on it include...Lay Your Hands On Me, In And Out Of Love, Blaze of Glory, and Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, heck even You Give Love A Bad Name(sorry, it's a great song but they do have better).

As of 94' I would say this should have been the tracklisting(not in order of my favorites). I added some songs that were never released on albums...which may have been recorded after 94'

1. Livin On A Prayer
2. Born To Be My Baby
3. Blood On Blood
4. In These Arms
5. Bed of Roses
6. Living In Sin
7. I Want You
8. Always
9. Wedding Day
10. Miracle
11. Only Lonely
12. Edge of A Broken Heart
13. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?
14. Silent Night

Okay, mine is too ballad filled! Sorry! And it's just impossible to choose...but those are the ones I guess.

I must say Wedding absolutely amazing(thank you napster). That song can make me cry! Oh man, the lyrics are top notch, get THIS SONG!

Does Anybody Really fall in love anymore is totally amazing too. With lyrics like "there's a sad face in the mirror and I'm sad to say it's me, like a ghost up in the attic only love can set it free"...damn! And the chorus is amazing as well. The whole song rocks.

And Edge of a Broken Heart...I know this one was cut from Sliperry, I think. From the fav Bon Jovi non-album seems many of you have heard this one. Great song as well.

And while I'm getting real off topic here. I think people should be able to review Jon's Power Station Songs! That's some good shit.

That is all, Crossroads is good but as you can see I don't think their best songs up to 94' are on there.

Rating: 9/10

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