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"Crossroad" Review 1 October 2000
The best of the best...almost...

A review by Fredrik /

At first the intention was to release a "greatest hit" collection pre Keep the Faith, but I don't think
that Crossroad could've hit the face of the world any better than it did in -94.

This really is a magnificiant compilation of Bon Jovi's best, and doing some track by track review here is
not necessary at all (since I've reviewed all the other albums). Just the ones that hadn't been released
until this album..

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, 10/10:
Lets get back to the good days of "I'll sleep when I'm dead". It's a song in the same spirit and energy,
the amazing vocals and rocking guitars. Get up and rock!!

Always, 10+/10:
The most popular song in -94, and for reasons surely understood. Became the song played most on the
radio all over the world that year, and how many girls haven't felt emotional when listening to this?
Well, I'm a guy and I feel emotional when listening to it.. Rock ballads can never get any better than this!

Prayer '94, 10/10: (Not included on my own Crossroad version)
What a song! Most of us just know the rock version of it, but at first this was actually just written with
an acoustic guitar. Just as Jon and Richie performed it at the Muscal Awards 1990. This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Crossroad truly is a great compilation for the first ten years of Bon Jovi's career. However, I don't think that this album is perfect. I would've included either "I Believe" or "Living In Sin" instead of "In & Out of Love" from the Fahrenheit album, preferably "Living In Sin". Cause the fact is, both those songs became more popular than the one included... And how they could have "Prayer '94" and "Tokyo Road" instead of the AMAZING CLASSIC "In These Arms" on the U.S and Japan version still puzzles me. But hey, it's the bands choice..Not ours! Even though we sometimes wished it was! :)

Until next time.... (which will be about Jon's solo effort Destination Anywhere)

Rating: 10/10

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