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"Crossroad" Review 1 October 2000
The best songs from the first 10 years

It's pretty damn good

A review by Steffen Risager /

Well. The first 10 years of Bon Jovi was now completed. Critics said they were exhausted and was just sending this album on the streets to make their last cash. We now know that was untrue.

Here it comes. Song by song:

Livin' on a prayer: The best song ever made. Some people wont be believe me when I say this, but I'm addicted to this song. I have to listen to it, at least once a day. 11/10

Keep the faith: This one is actually one of the few BJ songs I don't like. I don't know why, so it gets the anomonyes 6/10

Someday I'll be saturday night. Good song. I haven't really listened to this song lately, but sooner or later, I'll probably start again. 8/10

Always: I will ALWAYS love this song. Actually I can say thank u very much to this song, because it was the only Bon Jovi song I knew back in 1999 where I bought this album, on a trip to USA with the family (I'm from Denmark). That's why this song have a special meaning to me. If I hadn't bought the CD back in 1999 I would probably only have Crush. THe video is also excellent. Very tragic just like the song. 11/10

Wanted: I don't really know what to give this song. A month ago, I really listened to this one BIG time. Lately I have been skipping it. It gets an 9/10 for the many good times me and this song had during the summer.

Lay your hands on me: I don't like the intro. Then I've said that. I don't know why. That's just not me. When the song really starts (at 1.37) it's excellent. Because of the bad intro I give it a 9/10

You give love a bad name: Lately, this song have been one of the sogns by BJ I have listened to the most. It's excellent. It have some of the good old "Lets make a good song, that people can anjoy". Simply excellent. 10/10

Bed of Roses: Back in the summer, this was my number 1 BJ song. Now, it have withdrawn to a secondary number after Livin', Always and some other songs by BJ. It's still excellent. 10/10

Blaze of Glory: The only solo song on the album. Excellent. 10/10

Prayer 94': A slow version of the 86 classic which I really love. It's included on the It's my life single two on a quick time video. If U don't have that single, then buy it.

Bad medicine: Excellent. The video for this one is pretty cool too. 10/10

I'll be there for you: The first ballad sound-alike thing from Bon Jovi. And what a ballad. Simply amazing. 10/10

In and out of love: The worst song on the album. Dry County should have been here. 5/10

Runaway: Their first single. It doesn't really sound like the style BJ found in 86 with Slippery. It was just a good rock band back then without a style. I still love it. 10/10.

I'm only 15 so far. Like I said, I bought the album in 1999. The only 4 songs I listened to untill March/April this year was 3-4-8-9. They were the only one I knew. At that time I got a tip from a friend who's favorite song was/is Livin. He said I should just try and listen the whole album through. The best advice so far in my life. Thanks Rick Durabb, also known as b_b_star on yahoo chat.

Rating: 10/10

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