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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 4 October 2000

Back in the Saddle again

A review by Jean-Paul /

The year 1990....Not really a so called solo album or departure but surely an instant hit. Who else could perform this one but the "Rockin Roll Cowboy" himself. If you ever drive through the desert in New Mexico, Arizona, or California you have got to listen to this album to feel the inspiration of each track. I read a review on this album that stated the track "Bang a Drum" was horrible due to the choir singing with Jon, I have to disagree! Jon sounds great on that particular song, a real challenge for his vocals. He rounded up a few legends to play on the album to include Elton John, Jeff Beck, and Little Richard. Those artists showed that they believed in his(Jon)talent and actually took a side seat for him to express his feelings. It is loaded with some heavy lyrics such as "Miracle" and "Santa Fe" to name a few. In the video for "Miracle" the lead biker is an unknown Matt Leblanc who would go on to star in "Friends" a few years later. Standout tracks: Billy get your guns, Miracle, Blaze of Glory, Blood Money, Santa Fe, Never Say Die, Bang a Drum, and Dyin Aint Much of a Livin. Imagine if Jon would have recorded an updated Version of "Ride Cowboy Ride" as a duet with Richie, a 12 string for lead, and a 6 string acoustic with the band. Of course thats a dream but man what a thought. If you ever take a long journey through the mountains or desert let Jon Bon Jovi be the narrator for your trip, step back in time to the old west----Back in the Saddle Again!

Rating: 10/10

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