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"Crush" Review 4 October 2000

These Days was great but after 5 years of waiting this is the best thing of 2000

A review by Adam Cirillo /

It's My life - well this is back to the glory days of livin' on a prayer 10/10

Say It Isn't So - Funky new style i like it 8/10

Thank You For Loving Me - being one of the few people in the world that didn't think Always was that great, this is one balad that could almost be played at a wedding 8/10

Two Story Town - well this is great stuff but different, not really what i expected great 9/10

Next 100 Years - i didnt like this song at first but now i love it. you have to listen to the words they are great. 9/10

Just Older - this is the Bon Jovi story i love it 9.5/10.

Mystery Train - i can understand why people dont like this song, but i cant agree with them, it is a story of his wife and the words are just great. 8/10

Save The World - didnt work for me that well. 7/10

Captain Crash - i love this song, it reminds me of the old "resevoir dogs" song - "stuck in the middle with you" it's so much fun and puts me in a real good mood. 9/10

She's A Mystery - Too icky, a bit like BJB's solo album songs, too slow. 6/10

I Got The Girl - Jon wrote this song about his daughter and it really shows the way he has matured as a writer. i think it's great. 8/10

I Got The Girl - WOW!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT! the intro, the guitar, the lyrics. just beats track 1 as the best track on the album, it's gotta be played with heaps of people around, i cant say enough about this song. 10+/10

I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You - besides from the 30 pause its great. 8/10

Neurotica - i love it but i think its around 12 years late and it don't work on this album. 8/10

I started listening to Bon Jovi by accident and i with all the accidents ive had were as good. I'm 16 and i've been hooked for half of my life. BON JOVI rocks!!!

Rating: 10/10

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