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"Crush" Review 5 October 2000

they're still the best band around!!!!!

A review by STEVE FUGAZZI nicknamed Bon Jovi /

My name is Stefano.

It's my first ufficial review. I bought Crush last June. I gotta say that it is the best album of the year. I do like nearly all the songs of Crush. It's just brilliant. Ok, it might not be Bon Jovi's best Cd but probably one of my favourite.

-IT'S MY LIFE-10/10.The best song of this album and one of my favourite ones along with LIVIN' ON A PRAYER, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME, BAD MEDICINE, ALWAYS and THESE DAYS. In Italy it's still in the top 20.

-SAY IT ISN'T SO-7/10.I like the way Richie and Jon play the guitar.

-THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME-10/10. A really good ballad. I'm sure it will be the next single from CRUSH.

-TWO STORY TOWN-7. Good but not the best one.

-NEXT 100 YEARS-9/10. It's one of the best song I've ever heard. The end of this track is just great.

-JUST OLDER-10/10. "it's just like's not old...just older!". In fact they were the best. Now they're "just older" but still the best around!!

-MYSTERY TRAIN-6/10- Probably a little bit too slow.

-SAVE THE WORLD-7.5/10. My sister really loves this song. It's good, l agree.

-CAPTAIN CRASH AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN FROM MARS-7.5/10. Good song. Bon Jovi are to blame just because the title is too long! I guess it's Jon's fault!!! Do ya remember JANIE DON'T YOU TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TOWN from Jon's Destination Anywhere??

-SHE'S A MYSTERY-8.5/10. It's 1 of my father's favourite song. It shows a Destination Anywhere-style( like It's just me). Really good.Well done

-I GOT THE GIRL-7.5/10. Good effort. Probably Jon was thinking about his daughter while writing this song. someone else wrote a review concerning this song in Dry County Web Site.

-ONE WILD NIGHT-10/10. It's just a great song.

-I COULD MAKE A LIVIN' OUT OF LOVING YOU-6.5/10. Good enough. BJ should have done a little bit more.

overall rate: 8.5.

NB: l cannot understand many fans. They say it's the worst album of BJ just because it's different from, l guess,
SLIPPERY WHEN WET or NEW JERSEY. But the style has to grow and BJ tried to do something new. lt would be boring to listen to a band who never does something new like Oasis for example.

Rating: 9/10

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