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"Crush" Review 20 May 2000
Crush Has Kept the Faith

CRUSH is a layed back album with some great tunes

A review by INIGO /

ok let me begin with the first single
its my life is a prime example of bon jovi at there best.bon jovi have kept the faith with this enjoyable teenage anthem and is sure to be a hit , initial chart positions all ready prove this.its a catchy tune which can be enjoyed by even no bon jovi fans.

just older
all i will say about this song is that it is destined to be a classic , i find myself listening to this song the most out of all of them , its a sure fire hit.

captain crash and the beauty queen from mars ia a bizarre yet appealing song, if you thought the name of the song was bizzare the lyrics are just as crazy , yet it still sounds like bon jovi so dont get worried, even though ritche gets no solo , its still a kick ass tune sit back and enjoy it!

if i could make a living out of loving you, this bonus track for the european and japanese albums is another example of bon jovi's incredible ability to make excellent love songs, the lyrics are great and combined with bon jovis amazing musical prowess it is another good song

thank you for loving me, like jon said in a recent interview , its a cross between bed of roses and there smash hit ALWAYS , i find myself singing this one in the shower everyday!.jons powerful voice along with ritches guitar really make this song one to remember.

two story town is a song which will soon be a single , a friend said to me that there was a tiny hint of blues in this song and i found myself agreeing with him, but this isnt a bad thing , its a great thing infact , this song has somthin to say so listen to it!!!

say it isnt so is a preety good song , which see's jon and ritche singing 2gether which sounds really great, no solo but still another bon jovi great!!!

i got the girl, this is not reall my kinda song , but thats not sayin its not good , my friend found hinself likeing this song alot so i guess its all down to opinion.

mystery train
an animal of a song with a good beat , ricthes solo is pretty good so get your air guitars out and start playin!!!

next 100 years
jon said this song was dedicated to rock legend phil linet, from the 70's rock group thin lizzy, and believe me this song is powerful and is would put a smile on old phil's face.

one wild night
this brought back a flood of memorys from the 80's , its like they went back to the slippery days , excellent song that will get you jumping up the walls of your house

save the world ,
a song of hope which i particurly enjoy , cany say much on except thats pretty good.o yeah check out the solo , its awsume!!!

the last song shes a mystery is a fiting end to an excellent album, jon's vocals make this song , enjoy!!!!

Rating: 9/10

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