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"These Days" Review 6 October 2000


A review by steve fugazzi /

After the 1994 compilation( the best of BJ), the band released THESE DAYS.

1-HEY GOD-8/10.The way they play the guitar is simply unbelieveable. Well done.

2-SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN-7.5/10. Not too bad.

3-THIS AIN'T A LOVE SONG-8.5/10.Actually it's a love song. It's good but not as good as Bed Of Roses or Always.

4-THESE DAYS-10/10. The best song of the album.

5-LIE TO ME-9/10. Another love song. In my opinion it's much better than This Ain't a Love Song.

6-DAMNED-7.5/10. Good effort.

7-MY GUITAR LIES BLEEDING IN MY ARMS-5.5.Not too bad despite of being a little bit too slow.

8-IT'S HARD LETTING YOU GO-5.5. Like MY GUITAR LIES... it's another slow song. Good start, mediocre the 2nd part of the song.

9-HEARTS BREAKING EVEN-8.5/10. One of the best tracks of the album. It should have been a single!!!!!

10-SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN-8/10.Jon&Co. talk about a man who doubts about God and his friends but understands he gotta believe in a few moral values. they say:''l lost the faith in my God and in his religion too(...). l lost the trust in my friends(...)l got something to believe in(...)l cannot believe in nothing''. At first l didn't like this song at all but later on l understood the message of the song. Well done!!!

11-IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES-7.5/10. Another good song. Not the best one.

12-DIAMOND RING-5./10.One of the slowest songs of BJ. I don't like this one too much.

13-ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING-5/10. Mediocre.

14-BITTER WINE-8/10. A great song.

This album have been voted both The Best Album of 1995 and The Worst Album of 1995. It's not too bad but BJ should have done a little bit more.

Rating: 7/10

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