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"Crush" Review 8 October 2000
Crush Quenches My Musical Taste

A review by Goodtime Gordy /

Listening to Bon Jovi's new CD "Crush" for the first time back in June was an amazing start to my summer! In order to make a fair review though, I decided to wait a few months in order to let the music age. This process has only made this CD even stronger and consequently higher marks in my review. Here is a track by track review to show why I have such a "Crush" on this CD.

1)IT'S MY LIFE-Incredible first single. Gave me goose-bumps
when I first heard it. One of Bon Jovi's top songs of all-time!(10/10)

2)SAY IT ISN'T SO-Thought this song was pretty-good on the first listen but has grown into one of my favorites. Can't get the chorus out of my head.(9.5/10)

3)THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME-Another song that has grown on me. Learning this song on the piano has made me appreciate this ballad more. Still not one of Bon Jovi's best ballads of all-time.(7.5/10)

4)TWO STORY TOWN-This was one of my favorites when I first got the CD, but hasn't aged as well as some of the other tracks. Still a solid Bon Jovi tune.(7/10)

5)NEXT 100 YEARS-This song has really blossomed over time! The finale in this song is the best ending of any Bon Jovi ever recorded.(9.5/10)

6)JUST OLDER-Unbelievable song at first listen, unbelievable song now! Brought flash-backs from the "New Jersey" CD.(10/10)

7)MYSTERY TRAIN-Good ballad. Like "Two Story Town" this song hasn't really aged well, but still has some incredibly catchy moments.(7/10)

8)SAVE THE WORLD-Least favorite track on "Crush." To over-produced for me, but still not a bad ballad.(6/10)

9)CAPTAIN CRASH AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN FROM MARS-Another incredible song that as even gotten better. Some of Bon Jovi's best lyrics ever. If I was picking the tracks for "Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits Vol. II," this song would be on it.(10/10)

10)SHE'S A MYSTERY-I love this song. Best ballad on Crush." Great for listening right before sleep. Hypnotic!(9/10)

11)I GOT THE GIRL-This song begins a little slow but the chorus is classic Bon Jovi. For that reason alone it is a solid tune. I can imagine this being great in concert!(7/10)

12)ONE WILD NIGHT-What an amazing track to have an a finale! Another instant all-time favorite Bon Jovi song. Can't wait to here this one in concert!(10/10)

It was so refreshing to have new music from Bon Jovi this summer. Unlike many bands, they were able to combine the classic sound with an updated sound. This proves to me that Bon Jovi is definitely one of the best rock n' roll bands around. I just hope we don't have to wait another 5 years for more new material!

Rating: 9/10

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