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"Slippery When Wet" Review 9 October 2000
Wanted dead or alive

one of the best albums of the XX Century

A review by Steve ''Bongiovino'' Fugazzi /

The band sold more than 17m copies of SLIPPERY WHEN WET. It has been a well deserved success.

I think it's a really good album but l don't know if it's the best of BJ! l simply believe that it's as good as most of BJ's albums.

-LET IT ROCK_7/10. A good start. It has a "7800 Fahrenheit" style.

-YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME_10+/10. One of the my favourite songs. Probably the best song of the album. Great. Brilliant. Simply the best.

-LIVIN' ON A PRAYER_10+/10. Some say IT'S MY LIFE is a re-make of this song. l disagree. They both are two mega songs, that's right. The only other similarity is that in both the songs we find Tommy&Gina. Nothing else. That's all!

-SOCIAL DESEASE_6.5/10. The worst song of the album.

-WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE_10/10.This is a moody song but it's really good. Bob Dylan said it's his BJ's favourite song.

-RAISE YOUR HANDS_8.5/10. A good one. One of the best non-singles track of the album.

-WITHOUT LOVE_8.5/10. A really goood song, a rocky love song.

-NEVER SAY GOODBYE_9/10. I simply love it. Not the best of the album but in the top 4!!!!!!!!

-I'D DIE FOR YOU_6.5/10. Many could disagree but it's mediocre.

-WILD IN THE STREETS_7/10. Good song, but not my favourite despite of being always played by the band in most concerts.


Rating: 9/10

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