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"New Jersey" Review 10 October 2000
New Jersey

A review by Sara /

This,in my opinion, is the best Bon Jovi CD out there..the others follow very closely...but all in all...

Lay Your Hands On Me-traditional Bon Jovi...gotta love it. The kinkyness has a great appeal, makes Jon seem very sexy...(not like he isn't already!)

Bad Medicine-really good song...We can all remember at least one relationship when you had that desire and passion, but knew it was terrible for you

Born To Be My Baby-one of the CD's best tracks, a very Bon Jovi'ish song

Living In Sin-wonderful song about the oppression of society and their views of passionate love. I think the lyrics are really insightfull

Blood On Blood-I like this one a lot...Hearing about Jon's past is something we don't usually get. I especially like the part about him "being just a singer in a long-haired rock n' roll band."

Homebound Train-not my favorite, but I like how Jon uses an especially deep and kinky voice

Wild Is The Wind-a great song that I particuarly relate to at this point in time

Ride Cowboy Ride-I love this's nice throw-back. I think Jon never got over the childhood desire to be a cowboy...and it makes for great music, such as Wanted Dead or Alive and Blaze of Glory.

Stick To Your Guns-I really like how this one comes in after the previous...good transition, and still with the cowboy theme. I have to say that this is my favorite song on the CD, and possibly favorite BJ song...not many agree with me though...I'd love to see this live, but I'm afraid that it would only happen if the rock n' roll gods were to grant me a huge favor...very sad.

I'll Be There For You-an absolutly beautiful classic. "Words can't say what love can do..."

99 In The Shade-good spirited song, but not the best

Love For Sale-it's a bit, well, different...but I like it. I particuarly favor the line about shopping at Sears. Songs with dialoge always appeal to me, and the bit about Jon having to go home to his woman and that they can "just say the album's finished" makes for a nice closer.

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