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"Crush" Review 10 October 2000
Crush review

A review by Faithkeeper /

I have been a Bon Jovi fan for 14 years and have not been disappointed yet by anything they have done. I don't know why that is, I just know that listening to their music always brightens my day. Their new album CRUSH is no exception. This is my review of the album.

'IT'S MY LIFE' : This song has the trademark Voice box and has a strong 'New Jersey' feel to it. Reminds me of a little bit of 'Bad Medicine' mixed with a little bit of 'Stick To your Guns'. Let's us know that Tommy and Gina are still together and doing okay...tells us 'it's now or never' can do anything...Crush's 'I Believe'.

'SAY IT ISN'T SO' : Boy, does this song have a strong Beatles feel to it...can't quite put my finger on exactly which Beatle song it reminds me of most...probably because the song is a mixture of textures/layers...hard to pin one style on it. Much debate about whether this should have been the next single...I must confess that I too am not sure...but it probably is a good choice as it is not like anything Bon Jovi has done before. Personally, I love the song, and am impressed that Jon has got the guts to go for a falsetto...and he pulls it off very well.

'THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME' : Jon quote -'This is going to be THE wedding song for the next 5's going to be a monster'...and I wholeheartedly agree. If you are planning a wedding and looking for the perfect song, stop it is. Put this together with Ritchie's 'All That Really Matters' and there will not be a dry eye in the house; mothers of the bride and the groom will be howling their eyes out. Move over Shania...there's a new song in town!!!! Don't Jon and Ritchie sing great together! Just love that guitar at the end...and thank you to the script writer/s of "Meet Joe Black" for giving Mr. Pitt that line to say in the first place.

'TWO STORY TOWN' : This is the song on the album that most reminds me of the Springsteen era circa 1981-82...I can hear Bruce singing this song just as easily as I can hear Bon Jovi doing it. This will be interesting to hear live...the harmonies in this song are probably the best on the entire album...really shows how much they have all matured, how well they 'gel' together. Every now and then, I almost think Jon is going to break into 'Ugly'. Great guitar break in this...shame it isn't longer...but I'm sure it will be when played live.

'NEXT 100 YEARS' : Finally, Bon Jovi have their 'classic'. This is their 'Bitter Sweet Symphony', their 'Kashmir' and they MUST release this and it must NOT be edited. Spine tingling, hair raised on the back of your neck stuff. This is Ritchie at his devastatingly best and the song deserves every accolade that comes it's way...they should be very proud of this one...masterpiece. This will, I'm sure become the high point of this summer/falls concerts around the can feel it already...and those beautiful violins...oh, yeah...this is F#&*ing brilliant.

'JUST OLDER' : Probably the song I most identify with...'the skin I'm in is alright with's not old, just older'...ain't that the truth. This song has 'sprinklings' of all their albums in it...a bit of 'Shot through the Heart', a dash of 'Tokyo Road', a spoonful of 'I'd Die For You', a little touch of 'Wild is The Wind', a measure of 'Little Bit of Soul' and a serve of 'These Days'...this is who Bon Jovi are...the 'soul' of the band, all laid out in a few minutes for all to hear/see. If you don't 'get it' listening to this, you never will.

'MYSTERY TRAIN' : Mellow, very mellow...and great guitar work, piano work in this...a delightful laid back, 'let the sun warm your face while you lay back and take it easy' it.

'SAVE THE WORLD' : Funny...first time I heard this, two things sprung immediately to mind..1) Jeez, isn't that drum intro almost exactly the same as 'Always' and 2) This could have been 'the' Armaggedon has that sweeping majesty of a monster movie rock ballad all over it. And if Jon had got this out ahead of Aerosmith's 'I don't want to miss a thing' it may well have been that monster. Infact, he has mentioned the same thing in recent interviews. That sweeping change of key at the end of the song is pure Jon at his vocal best...if that doesn't give you goose pimples and make the hair on your neck stand up, well, you must be comatose or something. This is, far and away, my favourite almost knocks 'Always' of its' position as favourite song of all time.

'CAPTAIN CRASH AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN FROM MARS' : Where did the inspiration come from for this one?...Who's fantastic and the more you hear it, the more you're gonna like it...this band are totally not afraid to have a go at anything....Bon Jovi doing Pop/Rock at its' very, very best. This has Number 1 written all over it...what a happy song...who needs to hear doom and gloom..want to be lifted by a song, then put this one on...go on,'re smiling already...'Do, do ,do....'

'SHE'S A MYSTERY' : I spent my honeymoon on the beautiful islands of Hawaii...every time I hear this song, I'm transported straight back there... for those of you who have been there, well, you'll know eactly what I'm talking can feel the warm, balmy breezes on your face, smell the beautiful fragrant frangipani and hibiscus in the air and hear the soft lapping of the Pacific just outside your bedroom window...heaven, absolute heaven...and so is the song.

'I GOT THE GIRL' : What a nice dad eh? You can just picture this cute little girl tearing about with her dad, laughing and giggling the way kids do at that age with their daddy...and you can just picture Jon being a 'goose' for Stephanie...'Come on Daddy, one more whizzy, one more..come on...please...'

'ONE WILD NIGHT' : 'Bad Medicine', 'Born To Be My Baby' (please play this song during the Australian leg of the concert tour), 'Wild In The Streets', 'I'll Sleep when I'm Dead', 'Let it Rock', 'Raise Your Hands', 'Blame it on the Love of Rock and Roll' ALL ROLLED INTO ONE...if they don't release this, then they are mad. S#*T HOT....'Na na na na na na'...Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO JON, GO...Blinded by the moonlight.


'I COULD MAKE A LIVING OUT OF LOVING YOU' : What WERE they thinking, why the hell isn't this song on the album proper??????? 'I'd be a rich man it's true, I could make a living out of loving you'...the bass in this song 'burns'...let em tell me this band don't know how to rock...what a load...this song 'goes off'...they MUST play this one live...they SHOULD have put this on the album..must have been tired /tanked, or maybe both, when they were deciding on the final listing for this album...that's the only excuse they've got for not including this one.

'NEUROTICA' : Ditto the above comments.

There you have it...I love this album...not as much as I love 'Keep the Faith'-[that gets 10/10]..but nearly.


Rating: 9/10

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