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"Crush" Review 10 October 2000
The B-Sides

Why are these songs B-Sides?

A review by ROK /

Let me start by saying that I purchased two versions of the Say It Isn't So single! Yet it only got to Number 10!

Anyway, I'm going to Pick, Why wasn't "Stay" part of "CRUSH"? It's an all round better song in my opinion that "She's a mystery", it's sort of influenced by Lie to me but it was a B-Side!

I could sit and complain abit more as to why "Welcomw to the Good Times" wasn't part of the final cut! What is the world coming to?

I'm not going to go on but what I am going to comment on is Crush's 3rd single..."Thank you for Loving me", It is a great song but I don't see it going very far in the UK charts, The UK Charts only lets absolute Shite like "Who Let the Dogs out" go far, I Think that "One Wild Night" should be released and those who agree, E-Mail Me.

Bye for now...


Rating: 10/10

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