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"Destination Anywhere" Review 12 October 2000

A review by steve bongiovino /

my bonjovi-mania started in 1998 with jon's DESTINATION ANYWHERE. the first song l've heard of jbj was QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS and l didn't know anything about BON JOVI. at first l didn't like it. then my sister( l'm missing you) bought DESTINATION ANYWHERE. Later on l discovered that jon was also the leader of Bon Jovi. that's why a couple of months later l bought THE BEST OF BON JOVI.

Let's talk about Destination Anywhere.

the opening track is Queen Of New Orleans. l don't wanna say l still don't like it, but everybody will agree with me that it has a pop-soft rock style. it's not too bad.-8/10-

Janie Don't You Take Your Love To Town. apart from the long track-title, l like it.-9+/10-

Midnight In Chesea. one of my favourite songs. along with Hollywood Dreams (The Power Station Years,1980-1983) and Santa Fe(Blaze Of Glory) it is jbj best song.-10/10-

Ugly.not ugly, nice.-8/10-

It's Just Me. slow song but good.-7.5/10-

Every Word has A Piece... it could compete for the best song of the album. it's a pity that it has been a b-side of Janie, Don't You...(Am l right?)-9/10

Staring at your window ... Another song with a sha la la mania. not that bad.-7.5/10

Destination Anywhere. the 2nd best song of the album.9.5/10

Naked. a good non-single song. 8.5/10

Learning How To Fall. l really like this song. 9+/10

Little City. l just don't like it. 5/10

August 7,4 15. great song. well done, jon!! 8.8/10

cold hard heart(if l remember well). this song is too slow, it makes me sleep. jon wrote this song before going to bed
when probably he was tired.(l'm joking). 5/10

what a pity that track 11 and 13 are not up with the
pure talent of jon. without those the album would have been
the best solo project of jbj(effective rate:8+,rate of the album excluding track 11 and 13: 9).

my favourite solo project is not Blaze Of Glory but The PowerStation Years.

But this album still remains really good. It's not U.G.L.Y.

Rating: 8/10

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