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"Crush" Review 13 October 2000
Months are gone, but the thrill is higher

They're still doin' it...

A review by TheFlash /

So, I'm here again to another review to this great album, this time with a more critic point of view...

Fact is, music isn't what it used to be! I'm not saying this is good or bad (it's terrible), but all of we gotta admit thigs are different: On one hand, we have those who can't develop their sound and people grow tired of them, on the other, we have those who do develop, but thinking twice, they shouldn't, 'cause it turned out to be s**t...

We also have those new bands, trying to imitate the worst of the old ones, and the new ones who try to create a new sound, but, darn luck, they have no talent at all...

As some examples of this, I can give you Madonna (the new song "Music"... hey, I like it, but it has nothing to do with her), or maybe Roxette (they're my second favorite band, but in this last couple of albuns, they must be thinking they're disco DJ's instead of Rockers), Limp Biskit (joining Rock & Roll with RAP is something that should be punished by law) and even U2, in a minor scale, that turned their sould into a more popish music, losing their tremendous hability of writing timeless classics, like "With or Without you" and "Where the streets have no name", as "Beautifull Day" being a great track (I love it) but I don't believe it has the same potential as their early work.

And of course, we have some higher talents, Like this "unknown fellow" Jon, who wrote some stuff along his more or less 25 years carrear (18 in the band). This guy and his friends were out for a long time, just seing what was happening to the crowd, and learning how to develop Rock into Rock! They managed to deliver THE rock album of the year 2000, Crush!

The classics, are a trademark of every good Rock & Roll band, and Bon Jovi have their carrear filled with them, so Crush was no exception:

It's My Life: Call it comercial, call it whatever you want, but this will be a classic for all time. It has the power to bring any stadium down. 10/10

Say It Isn't So: And to show they can write popish rock, and don't do it often just because they don't want to, here's a great beetle like song, with the spetacular voice of Richie contributing to the perfect voice of Jon! It's not a classic, but a great song! 10/10

Thank You For Loving Me: Jon said "This song will be a monster! It will be THE wedding song for the next 5 years!" - He is right! 10/10

Two Story Town: They keep saying Bon Jovi tries to imitate Bruce Springsteen! Well, here's the answer! A springsteenian song, prooving the guys are not afraid to reveal their roots! 10/10

Next 100 Years: Another Eternal classic. If this song is released as a single, the world will know that BJ were meant to write epic song, managing even to join epic sound with love song! Only they could do it, and it turned out great! 10/10

Just Older: One word: Classic! 10/10

Mistery Train: A tremendousky well written ballad, with perfect lyrics! 10/10

Save The World: Another Epic+Love song, that shows what love is all about! 10/10

Captain Crash...: Live life, have fun, that's their model, and even Tommy and Gina knows that! 10/10

She's a mistery: BJ aren't afraid of writing their feelings! This song is a tremendous courage statement, and also a tremendous love song! It gives me the shivers to listen to it! Perfect! 10/10

I got the girl: What a father! :) This IS ROCK! 10/10

One Wild Night: This one was a classic before it was finished! 10/10

I Could Make a Living out of lovin' you: "Hey, we can still rock you out of your feet..." this is what they're saying! 10/10

Neurotica: "...And this prooves it!"! Fantastic! 10/10

You can't loose at love: Two words: "Perfect ballad"! 10/10

Temptation: "We can do anything!"... He's right! 10/10

Stay: Best song I've heard in years... 10/10

What more there is to say?


Rating: 10/10

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