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"Crush" Review 14 October 2000
Yeah, well....


A review by piglet /

I bought this album the day it came out in australia, and Love it, although lately i've been listening to other bands, such as Joy Division, one of the classic rock bands, possibly the most influentual, Orgy, a new take on an old sound and Stabbing Westward, another brilliant band, unfortunately no-one seems to know about them in australia. anyway, my review of crush.

It's My life: I can't say i like this song to much, can't say why i just don't

Say It Isn't So: See it's my life

Thank You For Loving me: better than the first two songs, but still not their best

Two Story Town: Why is it that this album has a number of songs that i don't really like? this is another

Next 100 Years: this song is much better than the first 4 songs, so i often start the CD here, wouldn't say it's their best, but on this album it's not teh worst

Just Older: really? this song tells us how bon jovi aren't different, just have a more mature sound. Doesn't explain the first few songs on the album though...

Mystery Train: I like this song, one of my favourites from the album, along with Save the World and She's a mystery. can't explain why i like it i just do.

Save the World: See comments for Mystery Train

Captain Crash....: lighthearted and fun, not the best on the album, but i like it a hell of a lot more than the first two songs

She's A Mystery: See comments for Mystery Train

I Got the Girl: great song, can't really say much else, i actually like it...

One Wild Night: Another lighthearted song, same comments apply as for captain crash

I could Make a living out of loving you: From memory this song isn't too bad, not the best, but not too bad either, i can see why it is simply a bonus track and not on the album proper

Neurotica: Love this song, it should've been on the album proper, or maybe this is the bands way of saying thankyou to Japan and Australian for their support...

Overall the album is pretty good, i still dislike the first few songs, didn't like them from the first time i heard them, so nothings really changed over time.

The demo's on It's my life single now

Hush: Not a brilliant song, but i like it better than Say It isn't so (which isn't hard). not to worry though, i can see why it's not on the album proper

You can't lose at love: another song better than IML or SIIS, not to worry though, i can see why it's not on the album proper

I don't want to live for ever: um, been a while since i listened to it, but i think the same comments that were given for the others count here.

Basically i prefer These Days over Crush, as it doesn't have any songs that i can honestly say i hate, i think part of the reason i hate some of these songs is because of the application of light electronica, which, when you like heavy industrial bands as well (orgy, Stabbing Westward), is too light and pissy to be able to like. also when compared to earlier work there is no meaning in some of the songs, which when you've been listening to bands such as Joy Division you find a little disconcerting from a band whosse songs had meaning.

Rating: 8/10

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