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"Destination Anywhere" Review 14 October 2000
Time to go solo for the 2nd time!

A review by Fredrik /

Destination Anywhere was Jon's second go at a solo act for a year or two. It's an album highly influenced
by softer rock than normal Bon Jovi, but after the musical surprise of These Days in -95 I pretty much
didn't know what to expect from this album. What I found was a delightful sound filled with both rhythms
of rock and a slower ballad sound with a completely new touch.

As always, song by song we go!

Queen Of New Orleans, 9/10:
A great rocker is what opens up this album. Classic rock with a new touch. Like this one!

Janie Don't You Take Your Love To Town, 8/10:
I like almost the entire song but really REALLY dislike the bad intro. I think that it ruins the general impression a lot. Otherwise, a good rock song.

Midnight In Chelsea, 2/10:
Dear god what's this?!? I don't like this one bit. The background "sha la la la" vocals make shivers behind my back, and not good shivers either... Good beat and so, but that's it.

Ugly, 10/10:
Now this one I really like! Ballad mixed with rock, can't be nothing but success here!

Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand, 10/10:
I love the suggestive and mystery beats and backgrounds in this song. The vocals are sung with tremendous effort by all our favourite Jon. Love this one..

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart, 10/10:
Another great song with excellent rhythms! Instant classic.. =)

It's Just Me, 10/10:
A slow and wonderful ballad. No matter if I'm sad, tired or whatever. This one is great no matter what mood I'm in..!

Destination Anywhere, 10/10:
A great rocker and also the title track. The video for this song was really cool and I like it a lot! Great song...

Learning How To Fall, 10/10:
Another just perfect song mixed with great rhythms and vocals!

Naked, 10/10:
Excellent guitars that really surprised me. Heard this one live too and it kicks major ass! Take my word for it...

Little City, 5/10:
The other dissapointment on the album. I just don't like it...

August 7, 4:15, 10/10:
A song about a young girl who was killed in a hit & run accident. This is a very sad, and true, story. An awesome rock song!

Cold Hard Heart, 10/10:
Wonderful ballad and an excellent way to finish of this album.. Really melancholic and emotional...

Overall I like this album a lot but only gets a rating of 8 because of the two bad songs "Midnight In Chelsea" and "Little City". Could have done without those two...

Rating: 8/10

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