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"Power Station Years" Review 14 October 2000
Hey Bon Jovi, Nobody Does It Like You

20 songs predicting an awesome future..........

A review by S.T.

I am glad we have a chance to review the albums "The Power Station Years". I also have the 20 songs recorded by Jon. I really luv all these songs that are on these. But I do have my favs. And out of those 20 songs , these are my favs:

"All Talk, No Action"

"Runaway" (Instrumental Version)

"Who Said It Would Last Forever"

"Stringin A Line" ( I can relate to this one)

"Hollywood Dreams"

"More Than We Bargained For"

"Talkin' In Your Sleep"

All 20 songs are brilliant!!! And it really is too bad that alot of these have gone unoticed for many years. These are really great songs. These songs will live on FOREVER!!!!

Bon Jovi , you will live on forever, because, No One Does It Like You!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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