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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 14 October 2000
Another WOW- part II

A review by S.T.

This is my second review for Richie's 1998 solo album "Undiscovered Soul". This time, with comments and ratings for each song. So,here we go!!!!

"Made In America" 10/10 I like this one alot, Richie's story of growing up. I luv this one!! I relate to it , too.

"Hard Times Come Easy" 10/10 damn, ain't that the truth!! Hard times do come easy. Awesome song!!

"If God Was A Woman"10/10 well, what more can be said ?? I think Richie explains it better here than I ever could!!

"All That Really Matters" 10/10 Nice romantic ballad. I think this song is a really good wedding song too. Perfect.

"You're Not Alone" 8/10 A song that he wrote for his daughter. Nice song.

"In It For Love" 10/10 Another romantic ballad. I like this one alot.

"Chained" 10/10 I relate to this one alot. I can't explain it. Brilliant song....

"Harlem Rain" 8/10 not a total fav of mine, but it's pretty good.

"Who I Am" 10/10 Damn, what a rockin song!! Another one I relate too!! "who I used to be ain't what I am,if you walked inside my shoes, then you would understand..." I wish I could've written this one.

"Downside Of Love" 10/10 well, Richie explains the downside of love in this song. And he explains it very well. A song anyone can relate to.

"Undiscovered Soul" 8/10 ok song, but a little long for me. not a big fav of mine....

there it is, my second review. This album is definitly worth buying. I can't wait for his next one!!

Rating: 10/10

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