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"Stranger In This Town" Review 15 October 2000
WOW- part II

A review by S.T.

I have said previously that this album is actually a 20 instead of a 10, and I am still sticking with that. This album is a 20. So , here is my second review with ratings for each songs and short comments. So, here we go!!!

"Rest In Peace" 8/10 nice beginning to album, but a strange little opener, but I like it...

"Church Of Desire" 10/10 I like this one because it's different. Cool tune....

"Stranger In This Town" 10/10 Man, I luved this song so much , I had to learn to play it on guitar. "I might be dying,but you can't hear a sound, midnight rain's coming down, I'm just a stranger in this town...." GREAT SONG!!!!

"Ballad Of Youth" 10/10 I think this song can apply to any generation. "Growing up today, there's many mountains you must climb..." ain't that the truth!!!

"One Light Burning" 10/10 nice romantic ballad. A really great one, at that.

"Mr. Bluesman" 10/10 A song he wrote and recorded with Eric Clapton. Good song... "He's seen a thousand roads, been a million miles..."

"Rosie" 10/10 good song with good lyrics.... I really dig the guitar solo.

"River Of Love" This song is instantly a 10!! My heart rate goes up every time I listen to it!! Richie, please make more songs like this!!!

"Father Time" 10/10 good, good song. what else can I say??

"The Answer" 10/10 This is another song I luved so much ( and still luv) that I had to learn to play this one on guitar too. Perfect song....

Well, there it is!!!! My second review for "Stranger In This Town" . This is a MUST HAVE for any Bon Jovi Fan...

Rating: 10/10

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