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"Crush" Review 16 October 2000
BonJovi in the year 2000

can they still cut it

A review by Scott Matteson /

5 years since the last BonJovi album,the guys spent the time flexing there own creative muscle.By doing this they were able to bring back new fresh ideas and enthusiasm,with the end result being "CRUSH".

Here we have an album that has a little bit of everything.
The classic BonJovi rock anthems such as It's my life,just older,one wild night and for those of you lucky eneough to have it neurotica.Mixed with some beutiful ballads in Thank you for loving me and mystery train.

So in my opinion what we have is an album that has signalled BonJovi in the new century.I love it how they somehow managed to mention tommy & gina,which says to me that although they continue to move forward in life they haven't forgotten there past,as they continue to enjoy the ride.

Rating: 9/10

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