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"Crush" Review 17 October 2000
6m albums so far and the next single will give CRUSH a further boost

Crush did well. Thank You For Loving Me will give the album a further boost in sales.

A review by bongiovino /

it's my 2nd review of CRUSH. this time l'll talk about the band's achievements.

first of all l'd like to remind ya to vote for BON JOVI at or for the European musical awards. they are in competition for 3 nominations: best album, best band and best rock. please vote vote vote.
there're strong possibilities they would at least win 2 out of 3 of them. they would deserve to win all of them.

Crush has sold an incredible 6 million albums world wide( US market excluded) in just 4 months. the album went Platinum in the US. in my opinion the album is gonna be bon jovi's best selling album after Slippery and New Jersey. l don't wanna include The Best Of BJ because it's a Compilation, not like the other albums. ( anyway, The Best Of BJ sold 4m copies in his first 4 weeks). Slippery has sold more than 17m albums and New Jersey more than 11m. Keep the Faith has sold apx. 6 m albums( according to BILL BATEMAN, BON JOVI- THE UNAUTHORISED EDITION, CHARLTON BOOK, 1996,page 109). l'm not saying that Keep The Faith and These Days are not good albums.they are indeed.
I still believe Keep The Faith is as good as New Jersey, Slippery and Crush. The 1992 album didn't get the deserved credit.

after IT'S MY LIFE and SAY IT ISN'T SO(not released in the US), the next single will be THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME.

the first 2 singles did well. IT'S MY LIFE did extremely well. it spent more than 15 weeks in the European Top 20 singles reaching the top spot for a few weeks as well.
SAY IT ISN'T SO has been a little bit disappointing. personally l love this song. it has a different style but it's good, anyway.

THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME will be the next single.BJ went to Rome few weeks ago to film the video. it's gonna be a huge hit, a perfect ballad, ''a wedding song'' according
to Jon Bon Jovi. l think it's as good as Always or Bed Of Roses or This Ain't A Love Song. the next single will surely give CRUSH a further boost in sales.

l'd like to know what will happen in 2001.

songs like JUST OLDER and NEXT 100 YEARS could be the hits for 2001( assuming that THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME would be as successful as IT'S MY LIFE).

in the ''chase'' for a single type song, l'd also include ONE WILD NIGHT. don't forget that One Wild Night was the working title for Crush.

wait&see. don't hesitate to send me e-mail messages.

NB: l'd like to thank Peter and all the staff of Drycounty.

Rating: 9/10

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