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"These Days" Review 18 October 2000
Feelings and Hopes

This album is the Best

A review by Chino /

Well, it´s me again, this time to rate These Days, form many (including me), the best album of Bon Jovi ever, even than SWW or NJ. This album wasn´t a bomb-seller, although I think is the most artistic album and less comercial one. It is kind of a mixture between Hope and hopeless, sometimes optimistic,times pessimistic. You can breath the band´s feelings while you are listening the songs. You can say it has too many ballads and guess that Bon Jovi lost their touch, but they didn´t, you can noticed in CRUSH. There is no BJ record that fits in any kind of mood you are like These Days. Next, my opinion of each song

HEY GOD - Great guitar, great solo, controversial lyrics, sometimes offensive, “Hey God, do you ever think about me”, but we know that Jon feels lost- “these days are even harder to believe, I know how busy you must be”. But he wants to believe.

SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN – The funniest song of the album, great guitar, Richie´s voice makes it sound cool. I think this one should have been the first single. Good Job!!!

THIS AIN´T A LOVE SONG – The 1st single, in my opinion not their best choice as a 1st single. Great feeling, is not a love song, what is it then??. Amazing. Sometimes it is compared with Always and Bed of Roses, I wouldn’t do that, I guess it is another “ballad category”, like In these Arms or Livin in Sin.

THESE DAYS – Title of the album, the BEST song, talks about youth and its dreams and how does it feel, Jon said in a concert that when he grew up he had the stars so close but
now we are called Generation X ( I don’t know what is means), but we have a future, it’s a Hope Song.

LIE TO ME – This is comparable to Always, this one is the best ballad of the album.

DAMNED – What a topic, pessimistic, MALDICION in Spanish, damned if you love me, Damned, damned if you don’t, what does he mean???. Heaviest song.

MY GUITAR LIES BLEEDING IN MY ARMS – If this isn’t art, I don’t know what is it, this song is really a poem, a great mixture of heavy metal by Mr, Sambora, ballad and screams by JON.

(IT´S HARD) LETTING YOU GO – Beautiful Song, he doesn’t want her to go, like you don’t what to stop hearing it.

HEARTS BREAKING EVEN – This song should have been a single, it is just great, the 2nd best song.

SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN – Now , this song is strange, I can say that is the second Part of HEY GOD, he is lost, but there is no hope in this one.

IF THAT IT TAKES – Another happy one, I know they do anything for us. But I don’t like Jon´s voice in a computer. Great anyway

DIAMOND RING – Slippery era´s song, really sweet and meaningful. Acoustics songs are always good with BJ.

ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING – This is the song that I don’t like as much as the other, I have already said about computers, but this song is kind of grunge, in my opinion.

BITTER WINE – Nice ballad, good as bonus track.

COMO YO NADIE TE HA AMADO - Its great because it’s a Spanish version of TALS, but Jon sings a lot better in English.

I am a fan since KTF, but i became a true fan with These Days. Thank you BJ for this masterpiece.

Rating: 10/10

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