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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 18 October 2000
A work of art

A review by Fredrik /

With Richies soloalbum "Stranger In This Town" I already knew he could write music very different from the anthem rock signed Bon Jovi. Stranger was however a bit more blues-inspired than this new effort "Undiscovered Soul". It's still in the field of the blues, but with a more touch of soulful rock in some songs. I like this album better than his first one, probably because of the different musical aspects and fields covered. You can really see how deep Mr. Sambora can go when writing music. But hey, is there anything this guitar-god can't do? =)

I'm way too tired now to write a comment about every song (settle with the fact that I like them all), but my favourites have to be "Fallen from Graceland", "Harlem Rain", "Who I am" and "Undiscovered Soul". I think that Fallen from Graceland is such a warm and heartful ballad performed with such a deep emotion that it's breathtaking. Harlem Rain pretty much deserves the same kind of 'evaluation' as I gave the song before. Who I Am is a surprising thrill being a pretty heavy rocksong in classical Bon Jovi style! Undiscovered Soul probably is my #1 favourite! I love those guitars that creates the coolest guitar-enviroment I've ever heard! And the great singing doesn't exactly make it worse... :) Love this one so very much!!

Concluding it all then. This is one good album and if you don't have it then you should buy it this very instant! It's not something you can do without!! Trust me....

Rating: 10/10

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