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"Crush" Review 20 October 2000
O GOD wheres my BON JOVI

i wish "CRUSH" was a BON JOVI album

A review by vodka /

First of all let me tell u that i ve been & still am a huge BON JOVI fan.I ve got all the albums of the legendary band,but the point on which i want to emphasise on is that CRUSH may have good songs but honestly i dont think 90% of them sound like BON JOVI s songs.I ve heard people comparing "THANK U FOR LOVIN ME" with "BED OF ROSES",all i ask is just go thru the lyrics of both the songs & decide for urself,"BED OF ROSES" is like a legend while the other one is just another song.RICHIE it seems ve died in the album,theres hardly anything called a solid lead guitar thru out the album,the bottom line is that the ENERGY IS DEAD,"CRUSH" sounds like some boyband s album & it hurts,after waitin for that long years,it really hurts.I sincerely hope & pray that BJ come back to where they belong ie ROCK n ROLL not on the mystery train where they r at this point of time.GOD I WANT MY BON JOVI BACK,i want songs like "ALWAYS","BLAZE OF GLORY" & "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" ,songs which define BJ not crape like "say it is nt so" & trust me im the one who s hurt more than anybody else after saying this but it is a fact,which says that BJ has lost its touch & i pleed them to get it back

Rating: 6/10

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