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"New Jersey" Review 23 October 2000
Almost a 100 in the shade

the song that is left in the shade

A review by Stephen /

The forgotten song. I haven't talked to any old Bon Jovi fans so I would like to hear your input, but the new Bon Jovi fans that I have spoken to have not had great things to say about the eleventh track on the NEW JERSEY soundtrack.

This song has great lyrics, and a great beat, it's upbeat and fun, but it's not a single, I think that is the problem. I feel some of Bon Jovi's best songs are not singles, Hardest Part of the Night ( 7800 DEGREES FARENHEIT ), Raise your Hands ( SLIPPERY WHEN WET ), Dry County which wasn't realeased in the US ( KEEP THE FAITH ), Hearts Breaking Even ( THESE DAYS )One Wild Night or Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars ( CRUSH ). Now obviously these are my personal feelings, but what can you say, back to the shade.
So I'm telling Bon Jovi fans and non Bon Jovi fans, if you have heard SHADE before and don't like it, try it again, ifyou have not heard it before, listen to it, it's a great song. Try listening to it in the car, I think its better

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