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"These Days" Review 24 October 2000
The absolute WORST BJ Album Ever!

A dark depressing album that is no fun...

A review by BonJovi Fan /

Bon Jovi is my favorite band, but to me this CD is just not the same rocking, upbeat party band as the previous CD's. This CD has no energy. I listen to it when I want to fall asleep (for reals!) I don't know what happened to make them sit down and say "Hey, lets make a really mellow, depressing CD." Maybe they were sad cuz Alec left the band. Many of the songs are musically very beautiful sounding, but they are DEPRESSING.

Song by song:
1. Hey God--The only song that starts out REALLY rocking, but the verses just kill the energy, tempo and flow of the intro and chorus. It's also kind of hard to get into a song that just bitches at God. I don't know why JBJ is so pissed anyway: he's a multimillionaire superstar who got to marry his H.S. sweetheart.

2. Something for the pain--this song is okay, and moderately upbeat,but it still suffers from the same energy killing verses. The lyrics are just talk about how crappy life is some more.

3. This ain't a love song---Mediocre love song. Not as good as I'll be there for you, In these Arms, Silent Night, or Bed of Roses.

4. These Days--This song has no drive to it. Bon Jovi needs to go back to their other CD's and remember what a rock song sounds like. Their "slow" songs on other CD's, like Living in Sin and Dry County had some drive to them.

5. Lie To Me--Pretty sounding. If you were to throw this song onto Bon Jovi, or Ferenheit, it'd be better. But at this point in the CD, slow songs are getting monotonous.

6. Damned--This song is lame like "if I was your mother."

7. Guitar Lies Bleeding---See the comments for "Lie to Me"

8. Letting You Go---Same comments as "lie to me" and "guitar bleeding in arms."

9. Hearts Breaking Even---It's okay, but "In these Arms" is better.

10. Something to Believe In---Musically pretty, but again another depressing slow song! This CD needs some ROCK songs. "If I don't believe in Heroine, how can I believe in dope." Jon's definately had better lyrics in the past.

11.If that's what it takes---okay, but in the larger context of this CD...bleh....

12. Diamond Ring---Is this the same band that wrote "Raise Your Hands"???

Well, like I've said, some of the songs are good, but a whole CD of slow depressing song after slow depressing song just doesn't work for me. I would of kept songs 3,5,7,8,and 9, and just spread them across a couple CD's that also have some rock songs on them.

Rating: 6/10

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